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  1. Fixed it, thanks anyway - added a combination then removed it and it's fine now. Weird.
  2. Hi Guys, We're currently working on rebuilding our site (from interspire to prestashop) and have come across a strange issue, if you look at the following URL: http://goo.gl/Peb7au If you see on the homepage under "featured products" the third product from the left is showing as £0.00 - however the price is in there, when you click the product the price shows properly, its the only one thats showing like this on the home page. Also, its under manufacturer "rustoleum" and every product lists apart from this one. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. For some reason because "cleaners" didnt have any subcategories and "repair materials" did, it automatically added it to that - when i added sub categories to "cleaners" it is now working fine. Very strange but only a minor bug!
  4. Hi Guys, We are desperate to achieve this, can anyone help?! We are using the "attribute wizard" from presto-changeo which is fantastic, but really need the colours to show in the mobile version (bearing in mind we are a paint shop it's pretty important!!!).
  5. Add the following to the bottom of your global.css: #product_list h4{ height:175px; } (or 185px, whatever your preference is)
  6. You need to assign a height to productlist li a in your css, i.e the H4 tag. I tried 170px and it worked well. height: 170px;
  7. Hi Guys, It's taken me 5 days to transform the default theme into this: www.rawlinspaints.co.uk I'm more of a designer than a coder and i've never used the smarty system before so this is my first attempt, but i think its looking nice? Interested in opinions on overall look/feel/design, (bear in mind this is the development URL and our existing live site - interspire - is at the .com domain) - interspire was very restrictive in terms of variations/attributes etc and was becoming tired and delapidated due to the launch of big commerce so we decided to move to a more scaleable platform of prestashop. All feedback welcome (this is still a test site so links etc may still not work just now!). Thanks
  8. Sorry i probably didnt explain properly, i'll try to in images. Step 1.) On homepage, all categories are closed. Step 2.) Click on rustoleum combi colour product (this product is ONLY in Paints & Coatings/Metal category - NOT in preperation). Step 3.) The category tree automatically opens at Preparation. (Even though this product is NOT in that category). This is the problem.
  9. Hi Guys, Ok, this is my first post here as i've just began utilising Prestashop for a new online store i'm designing/developing - however i've run into a small issue. Please see www.rawlinspaints.co.uk If you browse to paints & coatings > metal > rustoleum combi color gloss You will note that when you click on the product and go to the page, in the left category menu it opens up the "preparation" category, however the product isnt listed in here, no matter what products we add in different categories and visit, it always opens up the "preparation" category. Can anyone help? I'm nearing completion design wise (it's based on the default theme). Many thanks!
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