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  1. Bacowarrior, whoever you spoke to at Barclaycard isn't fully informed. There's an existing module so frankly it's not worth developing your own. It costs £140, but it is guaranteed to work, and integrates very closely with your customer's Prestashop environment, so they don't need to use the ePDQ back office to refund or cancel a transaction, or see the transaction history. If the ePDQ subscription includes the dynamic payment page, the look and feel of the payment page will automatically mimic the checkout page and the end customer isn't aware they've been redirected. If the ePDQ subscription includes the API, further magic is achievable including setting up scheduled and regular payments, tokenisation and other features, all from Prestashop. Finally, for an additional £50 the publisher will actually do the integration between Prestashop and ePDQ. I know everybody likes a free module, but the guarantee it will work alone is worth this, and so much development time is saved whilst enabling features you probably wouldn't get to touch yourself. I don't work for them BTW ! You can find what you need here http://www.sellxed.com/shop/en/prestashop-payment-module-barclaycard.html Good luck.
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