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  1. I've updated the module to support all currencies, along with other fixes. - Stripe Prestashop Module free
  2. Hey Xavier, Thanks for the response, do you know if the module will appear on the addons store / will be actively maintained, going forward?
  3. It could indeed ruin someones week A preview mode would be quite cool, but how to display it when there's lot of data being replaced? Maybe show the first few as an example?
  4. Tis a bit odd, would be good to know why it was removed. I've downloaded it from the official repo and put it in a separate one - more info and download links - Repo -> https://github.com/franksmule/prestashop-stripejs Download links + more info -> http://omcfarlane.co.uk/mystery-removed-prestashop-stripe-module/
  5. The Stripe module was removed from the git repository on 2013-12-27 - with no official announcement. Why did this happen?
  6. Hi Ofori, I'm not sure why is was removed, more info here with a download link... http://omcfarlane.co.uk/mystery-removed-prestashop-stripe-module/
  7. I would not worry about compressing images or anything like that now. Your problem is the server is not generating the page fast enough. its take 12 seconds for a page to be generated, before even the JS, CSS, images start loading. What about compiling templates? are they set correctly? I know godaddy and hostgator are not great performance servers, but they shouldn't be this slow.
  8. How many products do you have? Have you enabled caching and everything else in performance options?
  9. I have created a simple find and replace module for Prestashop. It allows you to search Product and Category names and descriptions for a keyword, and replace it with any other text of your choosing. Its perfect for if you need to do a site wide change quickly. The module is on github - more information and download (No registration required) -> Find and replace Prestashop module. Direct Download -> findreplace.zip
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