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  1. Still haven't found a solution :/ I feel like it would be as simple as editing a HTML file. When i inspect the element with chrome and add in the menu label between the two <a> tags it works great. I just need to make it permanent somehow
  2. It's a local host... can I share it some other way? It's completely default installation as far as I know of EasyPHP + Prestashop.
  3. Hello I'm trying to add a custom "link" menu point on my sites top menu. It doesn't display a label however, just shrinks into a little square. The button works, but it looks horrible. I've been looking around for the files where this is stored but haven't been able to find them - any help?
  4. Yes - the thing i'm having trouble with is adding the displaytop hook you mentioned in the thread you linked to. I've looked around for tutorials, but they all confuse me a bit - i don't really understand the "hooking" system. Can you help me with what code i have to put where?
  5. Alternatively, if someone could tell me the default position of the reassurance block - i think it's in the header/top somewhere, but have been unable to find the exact name of the position. Thanks!
  6. Hello I am trying to put the customer reassurance block to the top of my ordering page, so only people who go to the checkout see it. How is this done? I've been trying all sorts of positions, but none of them work. Is there some kind of code i need to add to allow the block to be hooked to specific positions? shotsglas.dk Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone I decided to remove the reassurance block and center the rest. Thank you!
  8. Actually, the text is not centered. That's the problem - seems like i'll have to choose between centering text or centering block.
  9. Didn't know that, sorry I use the left margin to make the menu text (right beneath the reassurance block) centered. My problem is that it seems impossible to make them both centered at the same time - can you help me with this?
  10. Yes - the problem is that i need the text underneath to be centered too, like it is now. Is there a way to do this?
  11. Hello! I am trying to set up my webshop, and in an attempt to make everything appear smooth, the customer reassurance block messed up. This happened when i centered the text in the footer, and now I'm trying to figure out how to keep the text centered, but also center the reassurance block. The site is www.shotsglas.dk I inserted the red line into my footer.tpl: </div> <div id="footer" style="width:100%; clear:both; display:block; overflow:hidden;"> <div style="width:980px; display:block; margin:auto; clear:both;"> <div style="width:100%; display:block; clear:both; overflow:hidden; margin-left:25%;"> {$HOOK_FOOTER} </div> {if $PS_ALLOW_MOBILE_DEVICE} <p class="center clearBoth"><a href="{$link->getPageLink('index', true)}?mobile_theme_ok">{l s='Browse the mobile site'}</a></p> {/if} </div> </div> {/if} </body> Thanks in advance!
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