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  1. Hi, Thanks for the reply in my other thread. I'm having a look at the demos and I'm slightly confused, the demo of the shops seems to be out of date too. My problem was the amount of combinations and the fact I have to put an individual price in for each of those combinations which was up to 150,000. It would take far too long to enter a price for each of those 150,000 combinations. If I was able to enter the price when making the attribute and then it increased the products price by that amount it would be much less work for me rather than doing it after each variation is added at the product stage. Can this type of thing be done, am I missing it in the online shop? I can't really work it out looking at the front end and admin demo because the options don't seem to match. Is there a manual or local demo I can try?
  2. I'm kind of stuck here, is there anywhere I can get advice on modules like this? Is this not the right place to ask. I don't want to have to abandon my work to date to find shopping cart software that will allow me to do what I want.
  3. Sorry if this is the wrong place, I'm new here and to Prestashop. I have a product that I want to add that can be heavily customised. I tried using the combinations generator but it's working out at over 150,000 combinations (I've more to add I just gave up and came here once it got to that number) and I don't want to go through adding a price to each individual combination. I'm hoping there's a module that will make it easier for me to make this product with all it's combinations, I'm moving over from Virtuemart and that had a much easier way of adding combinations as you put in the price differences when making the variations.
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