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  1. Update1: Seems that the themes advanced settings tab pulls in only the pages from the meta table. So categories, products and possibly more is not shown/configurable. I'm installing an older version to test if the bug is only with the newest version. Update2: Yes indeed, that is a bug within the (PrestaShop v1.6.0.11) - v1.6.0.9 works fine. Thanks Me for figuring this out - your most welcome Me! If someone could report this I have some wasted time to catch up... Here is an img:
  2. Hi, I'm a newbe and just spent hours and still cant figure this out. So the problem is that I want the page to change currency to the default when customer reaches select payment option. From what I'v found there is a function called setCurrency() but I cant figure out how to call it in these smarty .tpl files. Tried to add onclick and other things but nothing works. Can anyone please explain me how to call this function when you click the link or load the .tpl file? /bankwire/views/templates/hook/payment.tpl
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