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  1. Hi PS Developers, Module core class has a method _clearCache that modules can use to clear smarty cache. Number of modules does it (i.e. homenew module to show now product on home once you add a new one). This method works well on a test environment but called on a live site (with 15-25 concurrent users browsing site) _clearCache takes ages (three minutes and then it times out). Do you know if there is any way to speed up this method (or any better way to refresh module smarty cache)? Many thanks for your advice!
  2. Hi PrestaModule, I am using 4.10.11 on PS 1.5. We are analyzing site performance right now and it looks that displayHeader by pm_advancedsearch4 takes about 100 ms of page generation time (and this is after all PS caching mechanisms are on). Have you implemented any performance optimizations since 4.10.11? Is there anything we can do to speed up the module?
  3. My apologies then! I have missed this great feature. Definitely need to upgrade!
  4. Many people were complaining about this ugly URLs. It looks developer is not going to fix it. You need to buy another, better module.
  5. Thanks for prompt answer! Happy to hear that you are already working in similar direction I think OPcache stores precompiled script code in memory. This mechanism works automatically on the server if you have it enabled. Usually there is nothing for programmer to do The issue with opcache is: * Its memory is cleaned up on apache restart * Apache automatically manages what to keep in memory - it is based on PHP files being loaded. I don't think any manual loading to this cache is good idea... Certainly not whole module cache would fit opcache memory anyway... Possibly both mechanisms can work together: * opcache to store precompiled code - automatically managed by apache * redis / memcache / apcu - store cache files I have suggested redis because it can automatically manage cache storing files on disk - and should be able to swiftly manage everything even for shops with high number of pages. I know about warming-up mechanism, it's good thing to have! Really happy about this recent addition!
  6. Hi ExpressTech, Are you considering to support Redis to store cache in memory? This could markedly help with below challenges: 1) First page load is quite slow - probably due to time required to save it on a disk 2) Loading cache files from disk is also relatively slow - loading them from memory could speed up the site
  7. This app solves the problem: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=speedventory.com.singlepick
  8. I have automated order fulfillment with this android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=speedventory.com.singlepick There is no PS integration yet but developer says he plans to release presta module next month.
  9. It would be great if your module can generate CSV for this android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=speedventory.com.singlepick This app is great for pickers!
  10. Had the same issue. In many cases it doesn't make even an economical sense to upgrade: value for money in upgrade is lower, but price stays the same as you need to repurchase the module. Many developers ignored PS policy and offer they own conditions (either on addons or their own sites). Will have to try this new options, maybe finally there is a reasonable approach to upgrades.
  11. Hi PrestaModule, Can you feedback to the below request? It would be a very nice improvement!
  12. fransjaeger - great suggestion!! This is exactly what I am currently missing in the module. I am even keen to pay extra to get a module with above functionality.
  13. I did bit of research and found nothing specifically for PrestaShop. What you may do though is to use external WMS (warehouse managment system), preferably one which has integration with Presta because this way you can save money on integration.
  14. Question posted long time ago... I need to use barcode reader because I have a lot of products and sometimes my employees collect wrong items. Using barcode reader for fulfillment would be great because then: 1) Scaner displays item to be picked along with its location in the warehouse, 2) Employee must scan the barcode of the item before putting it into package for shipment Also registration of incoming deliveries would be faster. Any advice of how to do it? What software to use?
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