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  1. Thanks for all the help. I didn't know that prestashop gave default values for empty or missing fields. that will be quite useful. Thank you all.
  2. Thanks for the tip. However I do know that prestashop is very particular about its uploads, so much so that the sample they give to upload doesn't work unless you change quite a few parameters to match it better. It isn't so much that our database has columns prestashop doesn't have but more so the other way around as I had mentioned earlier. Hence why Pascal said you have to 'create' the missing fields.
  3. yes price is also there but as I said that's about it. There are other categories but overall it is different from prestashop's database
  4. Thanks for the advice Pascal. Unfortunately, this is just as I thought. Our old SQL is very different from prestashops so we will have to create the fields and a new table with new data entries through excel or SQL. However since different typing is needed from product to product to 'create' these new fields we might as well just do it through prestashop. I know the 1 or 0 is easy to change but the rest not so much as all we can use is just the product title and description.
  5. Hi, I have an old custom built SQL table for our products from before which is linked to our website built from scratch. However, a large problem is that the table for our products from the old SQL table is radically different from prestashops SQL data table. I know I can pull out the product title and description from the old SQL table but prestashop asks for many different things and much of our old SQL table would be dropped. Essentially what I'm asking is would we have to then manually rewrite pretty much the whole SQL database in/for prestashop as there are many more different things to fill out (i.e a 0 or 1 to indicate the product is available, tax rules, UPC, dimensions, etc). Thanks!
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