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  1. The only way i can see this working if you remove the width and height and you let the slider handle the rest. The only bad thing in this is that on mobiles the slider becomes very small in height, because the height is reduced based on the width of the images. Btw not sure if its a good idea to use any slider on mobile devices - my personal opinion.
  2. Probably you bought the module a while ago so u didn't received any update. Send over your mail address in a PM and i'll send you a copy. Regards, A
  3. From where do you bought it? As far as i know we sell the latest version everywhere.
  4. There should be exceptions, when you should allow external links, because its reasonable and help your customers! And due to the fact you provide an open source software and a platform where contributors can sell their product i think its up on the buyer to decide which module he wants to buy, of course some kind of validation is still required, but not like you do now ... You should focus to your modules and to the PS, if someone decide to buy a third party module he knows he could buy something bad. I think you should provide only a channel between customers and contributors. For contributors is a goal to provide the best quality they can, because no one buys shit. And theres a good feedback system ... By trying to force so much rule to us you are going to kill the whole market, and most of the contributors going to leave and sell on other platforms like envato. 2 years before codecanyon doesn't had even Prestashop category, now they have and modules appear on every day! I think you are cutting the tree under yourself (or how is this in english)
  5. You shouldn't remove your message, i agree with you, doesn't matter if we are trying to help Prestashop, we just get even more face palm, and they ignore us. PS team says "we are not in 30th Chicago" (and this was told by them ), indeed we are not, the whole acting seems like a dictatorial system, PS is the ruler and we fight agains them. Indeed this is all yours, and you built it, and basically you do whatever you want, but you are going into the wrong direction, at least this is how i see now. Any of you visited any envato marketplace ever? I strongly suggest to check it, i think you could learn many things from them ...
  6. You even refused my module with your own documentation link, doesn't mattered what i wrote to the validator ... Also got refuse because I linked an official Facebook tutorial and Twitter tutorial. Until i get such treatment do net expect from me any sympathy. And do not try to explain this with that you are humans ... And again, I don't want / wanted to hurt you, could be that this seems like that and my apologies, really. I just wanted to raise my voice a bit because i'm sure other developers suffers from the same problems, and you have to resolve these issues in-house, because its a bit funny, don't you think? Regards, Antal
  7. I'm understand that they are in a hard situation, but why cant they communicate that for us? Why do we have to cry here and blade them to get an answer? Personally i still got nothing, just deleted and blocked topics. Even this topic was blocked, another deleted, then posts from here are removed. Whenever i wrote an email with questions or such they just didnt answer. Even i have a blocked seller account because i created a banner on my own demo page, the reason was that i lead the traffic to other places. I agree i made a mistake but why do you had to block my account even if i removed instantly that banner? Shouldn't be better for both of us if i could sell those modules? I wrote many emails but got no answer at all. Such steps like what i mentioned above are stupid and i don't see why should be treated like that. And my experience says that this is even more worst in the past year. Theres no good support system, but we cant place a support mail address in the module? Customers are going to cry for them than for us etc. This could be avoided easily ... And this is just one of the many mistakes. I'm really disappointed.
  8. Sorry but i cant leave the above thought without words. We as developers doesn't want to hurt you, but you don't leave any choice. Your feedback system to our problems is a ****, i wrote many email to you and i never get even a response. My modules are rejected without proper reasons, this and that isn't good. If fix the this and that and even more because i don't know whats wrong again than you reject the module for another reason, i fix the new reason the you reject for the previous one again. When i ask the guy behind the validator i get an arrogant answer to check my code ... after many checks i got the same result, my code is just fine! After such experiences how do you expect from us to be kind? We work hard we upload our modules, we provide support for them and you take the big money from us, and at the end we end up with bad experiences. Doesn't the goal of the addons should be that provide a platform where both the developers and customers can work/buy easily? As far as i can tell you only keep your interest in mind and don't cares about others. Also these new restrictions about the links in the modules and such, i cant link a tutorial to help my customers to use the module because u doesn't allow external links? And doesn't matter how do i try to tell this to the validator guy he rejects the module because i linked a PDF? Or a facebook link? Do you even check the problems? Or you created a validator like validator and reject everything because isn't working right? Also this policy about the email addresses in the modules. Do you image how hard in your system to create support message? I'm sure half of the customers even doesn't know how to do it, and you are prohibiting to us to place a support email or something into the modules. I'm sure you want to do everything better in the long run, but i think you should think twice (if not more) before you do a stupid move against the community you builded here. Dunno who is in charge behind these but i definitely fire him. And again, i don't want to hurt you, but what is going here its really isn't good, not even to you! And the biggest looser at the and not the developers will be!
  9. Hi, Probably not i'm the only one who would like to know why we cant post external links in the module page on addons and inside the modules itself. Many modules requires some third party thing like a facebook or twitter application, and most of the buyers doesn't know how to create one, and the addons team doesn't allow any external link to a tutorial (doesnt matter if i link directly to facebook or i create a custom one on my site). I think the point would be to make the buying and installing/using process as easy as possible, but the terms of the addons store doesn't allow such things, how do you want satisfied buyers? Prestashop doesn't want more sales? If a buyer goes to the module page on addons and sees that there are tutorials and other helping links, documents isn't this a good thing? Wont be more satisfied and willing to buy that module, and not going to search another one, which seems more trustable? You should focus to make the whole selling process easier not harder. A year ago i could upload my modules with my own ads in them, and i had far more selling than now, isn't this good for Prestashop? Now i had at least 10 rejects, because external links, third party classes, email addresses which makes the support easier, etc. Its really a joke what is going here ... I cant put a Facebook link inside my module because its restricted? Wtf? Do i'm alone with the above?
  10. Basically the main idea is that when u need to add new products you can save time if someone else already did it. But could be handy in your use case too. You dont mind to share your products data with others? I think this can be the bleeding edge of the module.
  11. Hi, I opened this post because i have a ( FREE! ) module idea and i would like to create the module, just i'm not sure about the features and about the popularity. Basically my idea is that i could create a module to share product data and download from each other. Imagine a module which u upload and in the module u can clone products from other stores which uses the same module. With the module we could speed up the product creation process. In the module you can search for products from other shops based on some criteria like: name, reference, category, tag? And you can clone some of the details like: name, description, images?, tags? The whole thing could be multilingual, also on search there will be a link to the product, so you can check the quality of the product. Also we could implement some kind of rating system to rate product data quality. I see that most of the people could think that this is a stealing and why should i share my products which i uploaded with hard work. BUT in the long run everyone can shorten the uploading process even if sometimes u must upload several products. What do you think? Could this be a working module? Is there anyone who would like to use it? Please share what do you think.
  12. Indeed this is a small bug. You can fix it if u define the variable in the home.tpl file.
  13. Hi, Installed again. Sometimes somehow visitors uninstalls some of the modules.
  14. New version is released. Contains improvements and its fully compatible with the new PS 1.6.
  15. I would like to release a totally new slider with layers, etc. And keep every good option from this.
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