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  1. Hi Roja Thanks a lot I have done as you told me , my problem is solved and all credit goes to you thanks a lot. can you give me your email id so that i can contact you whenever i need help.
  2. hi roja i suppose you are not getting what i want, actually i want to change the lable of the registration form i want to change the word " Home Phone" to "Mobile Phone" so just tell me the file which contain source code of this registration form. I dont want to translate any thing.
  3. i want to change the test Home phone to Mobile so please tell me from where i can do this
  4. Hi please can any one help me , how can i edit the form labels like Home Phone and Mobile Phone fields in address registration form in prestashop version . please help me
  5. hi I am using prestashop v -PrestaShop™ from few days i cant able to make any changes in products option, like when i insert any information and try to save it just stop and when i again open prestashop the changes which i made are not showing please help me why this is happening.
  6. yes i disable the module but i need instant checkout option too as the client prefer instant checkout.
  7. I am using a custom template for site and prestashop version is - PrestaShop™
  8. hi can any one tell me from where can i get a good free module for one page checkout for prestashop v1.5. I would be very great full guys. thanks rishi
  9. hi I am using prestashop v1.5 for my site when some one choose payment option as ccavenue and after payment done no order update takes place i dont know why please help me. thanks rishi pandey
  10. hi I am using prestashop v1.5 for my site www.sugarpie.in i am facing a problem when a client add a product in cart and proceed the order, if he select instant checkout option after filling the form when he click on next it shows the following error. There are 2 errors lastname is required. firstname is required. it show the same error again and again even after filling the firstname and last name. please help me regarding this. thanks rishi pandey
  11. No problem is not solved yet. please tell me where can i find the latest ccavenues module for India.
  12. Hi I want to put Date selection (Calender option ) on my website so that user can insert the deliver date and I receive it in my prestashop order. please tell me how can I do this.
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