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  1. Thank you @Kert L I was looking there an hour ago, but it looks I just skipped that step.
  2. Hi, I am playing with Sketch app and I would like to make a custom theme design for my PS project. Is there any documentation for PS where I could find all the pages which need to be redisigned when making a custom theme? All I did so far is the home page, product page, product listing and few more for the mobile theme, but I got the feeling I am missing some important ones. Thanks
  3. I mean that prestarocket made such good job with the performance of that theme, that I can't believe it is actually PrestaShop based theme. Because the only fast loading themes I've seen with prestashop were on version 1.5.
  4. Thank you both! I really consider using prestarocket's theme as blank page because they did great job with SEO and performance. Such good that I can't believe it's indeed PrestaShop
  5. Thanks. And what about the minor 1.7.X updates? May I update it with custom theme or not? Because I'm following for example the prestarocket theme development and the author updates it for every new PS release ... and it is based on PrestaShop's starter theme. I actually bought some themes but none of them are optimised for performance or they got one or other design flaws, or at least I find them as flaws. Other thing is that I want custom brand design, not theme like couple of thousand other stores also got.
  6. Hi, I'm willing to hire a developer to develop a custom theme for me for PS 1.7 store. I would like to know if it would be possible to update feature versions of PS 1.7 or 1.8 with the custom theme or I will be stuck with the version I started, and never be able to update to more recent version? Is there any way to apply just the core updates and stay with the custom theme untouched? Or I should hire developer every time there is a new release, to rework the theme?
  7. Thanks for the effort @El Patron but I removed the field for deleting carts from the module admin page. I just commented out the code, just to be sure I don't screw my shop one day accidentally if I forget about the bug. But you could easily check it by downloading the module and help the rest of the merchants who don't know about the bug.
  8. Yes @El Patron you are maybe right. But I believe one of his modules deletes already associated carts with orders, which causes future confusion. Actually I am considering to buy one of his modules but I’m little worried about the support if I need such, because I didn’t read much positive reviews about it ...
  9. I'm not a developer, but read before on the forum for such behavior from users who used some of vekia's modules for deleting orders and the database cleaner, which deletes customer carts and other entries. If you used some of the modules it could be the issue.
  10. Just use the priority feature. Highest discount with priority 1, for example: 20% with priority 1, 10% with priority 2 etc. and make use of the "compatibility with other cart rules" feature also.
  11. Just use the priority feature. Highest discount with priority 1, for example: 20% with priority 1, 10% with priority 2 etc.
  12. It's not just you. I have to pray for page to open and don't crash. And it's with all browsers I tried on my iPad.
  13. Anyone tried this: http://angelwings.net/blog/create-home-screen-apple-touch-icons-for-ios-and-android/
  14. And still the better working solution with so many great additions and continue adding new. I must say that everything I missed from ps 1.6 is there with few exceptions, but there is nothing perfect in the world. And don't forget it's not multimillion company with hundreds with developers, the few working on the project are doing it for free, they have to make a living meanwhile and that is why you think the process is slow. But still there are more bugs fixed and more features added than ps.
  15. Yes it does and the future is called thirty bees
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