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  1. Impressed! It works perfectly. I will start to love Kutchi Many thanks. [solved for me]
  2. I know it is not nice to "resurrect" ancient topics However I cannot find /admin_presta/tabs/AdminProducts.php as i am using presta Is there any way to add the discussed above function in my version?
  3. Solved. It was the date_add inside "PS_product" actually, far to the right in db and I missed it, combined with some cache lame from my side. Thanks for your help mate
  4. I suspected so and yes I tried to clear it. But in any case the method is correct? Are these the variables indeed that you use for sorting products?
  5. Hi Vekia, I am using your module for some time. I want to "force" a product be show as new (on top at the homepage) - despite it is not that new - ie. compared to the first 12 I had set to be shown, for commercial reasons (it boosts its sales). Not to good in reading presta code but I tried manually to change @ db the product's .... PS_product_owner > date_add value and PS_product_shop > data_add value to today's date, somehow to trick presta or your module that the product is newer that the other. No change. (Could it be cache?). So question is.. Is there a value somewhere is db that if changed in today's date (for example, or it would be a more simple list elsewhere) would rearrange the product to be shown on top? (Fooling just this frontpage feature?)
  6. Topic is below: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/321133-job-offer-custom-discount-module/ (Note to forum admins: Please either move the original here or let people check through link.) Thank you in advance for your offers.
  7. Bump. We had some offers. No hard feelings but we need more offers to decide. Thank you ,
  8. Hi dear developers, we need a discount module for prestashop we use, that must be doing the following: There are products A, B , C , D . While in cart buying product A , the customer - if he had in the past bought product B or C or D (etc) - would get a discount of X percent ranging from 0 to 100 % or with amount (exact money discount) That way we would give customer some discount if they are "updating" from product B to product A . (Imagine product A is a newer updated version of product B but doing almost the same thing) All must be customizable through the backoffice module's interface, or by customizing the product's "specific prices" part. We can discuss that. Someone might do the job if he creates a way to put a customer into a group automatically if in the past had purchased a specific product. The created module would be a nice addition for those who are using prestashop for selling downloadable products. So calculate some "after project" income from the module when you submit your offer. (We don't mind if you start selling the module right afterwards) ---- The project must be completed very soon, in a week or so as we are ready for roll-out, but for an experienced module creator it will be easy we guess. ---- Please send your offers via PrivateMessage only asap, as we will pick the developer during this weekend.
  9. Some weeks old news in my case. Thanks for the link however. Someone may need it.
  10. Hi, no we gave up , refund , changed to Worldpay module. At least they speak English Maybe the absence of instructions is to force buying the "setup complete" version of the module which is more expensive.
  11. That's exactly what I'm missing I would appreciate some help here. I managed to put a space and at least split the serials, but the invoice still looks totally unprofessional. ie. PRODUCT X - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Product R: YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY or you might give me another idea on how to fetch each product's serial into the invoice (maybe?)
  12. Hi, I am using your module. If customer gets on the same invoice two products that uses serials - at the email - the output format he gets is nice, that is one line per serial. We want that. However on the message (in the order) - which we use to also insert it inside the pdf invoice - the serial come a bitty messy, as there is no line line break between them. Any solution? PS Serial Number upload version 1.4
  13. Hi, can ANYONE help me out finding instructions for the Atos module (by prestashop) in ENGLISH? Or had we thrown 200 Euros out of the window? Thank you in advance mates.
  14. At backoffice -> preferences ->themes , Under appearance you had selected/uploaded an "invoice logo", hadn't you?
  15. ... And to expand the question a bit How can we also input some more manufacturer's details i.e. the short description (where we enter for example manufacturer's support info, and this needs to be presented in the invoice?) Short description can be tied with a manufacturer_id only through db's ps_manufacturer_lang , can't find it through a product...
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