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  1. Hello! I'm using Prestashop and the free theme vp-beststore. My question is: How to put categories links to the permanent links (look at the attached picture). Please help! Sly
  2. Hello ! I want to set different colors for Available products and Out of stock products. Available should be green, Out of stock should be red. (see the attached picture). How do I do that ? Thanks for help and sorry for my bad english. Sly
  3. I'm having the same problem.... Please somebody help! Thanks
  4. Hello ! I duplicated the HomeFeatured module using this tutorial: http://www.addons-modules.com/prestashop-tips/tag/duplicate-module/ Now I get tis error on my homepege: No template found for module homefeatured1 What should I do ? Thanks
  5. Hello! When a customer fills the registration form, he gets the folowing error: Error - The following email template is missing: /home/ugodneig/domains/ugodne-igre.si/public_html/mails/si/account.txt I copied the original account.txt and put it in the new created folder (si) but the error message stil appears. What is wrong ? I'm using PrestaShop version Thanks for the answers..
  6. Hello ! When I transplant the Visits and Visitors v1.0 module to the left column block it's not visible on my page on the left side where it should be... What's wrong ? I'm using Prestashop Version Thanks My shop: http://www.maxstamps-shop.com
  7. Here is my breadcrumb.tpl : <!-- Breadcrumb --> {if isset($smarty.capture.path)}{assign var='path' value=$smarty.capture.path}{/if} {l s='Home'}{if $path}{$navigationPipe|escape:html:'UTF-8'}{if !$path|strpos:'span'}{$path}{else}{$path}{/if}{/if} <!-- /Breadcrumb --> I tried to replace it with your code but everithing stays the same in front office I'm using Prestashop Version
  8. this line is already in category.tpl Anyone any more idea ?
  9. Hello ! In my shop, when I go under specific category, the tittle above shows only current category. But I want to show it the full path... For example if I go in category: STAMPS>EUROPE>SLOVENIA>USED>2006 it shows only 2006 what should I do to be displayed the full path and should be clickable ? look at the attached picture to know what I mean..and sorry for my english.
  10. I'm using prestashop version Anyone else any idea ?
  11. Hello ! How can I change the background color of the product picture ? (see attached image to know what I mean) .. Thanks !
  12. This is the code in my /modules/blockvariouslinks/: > <!-- MODULE Block various links --> </pre> <ul> {l s='Specials' mod='blockvariouslinks'} {l s='New products' mod='blockvariouslinks'} {l s='Top sellers' mod='blockvariouslinks'} {l s='Contact us' mod='blockvariouslinks'}z {foreach from=$cmslinks item=cmslink} {$cmslink.meta_title|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} {/foreach} {l s='Powered by' mod='blockvariouslinks'} PrestaShopic </ul> <br><!-- /MODULE Block various links --><br><br
  13. When I install Footer links block v0.1 then 2 rows apear. (See the attached picure). What is wrong ?
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