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  1. In the first module i can't manage to display thumbnail image in my module using code from product.tpl . For example if i copy-paste code below to any place (under 'condition' for example) in product.tpl it show last thumbnail image. But when i copy-paste code to my module there is no image. My module hook is 'rightColumnProduct' and {debug} says $imageIds is not assigned. Module 2. Module hook: displayProductTab / displayProductTabContent I want to move all customization options to custom tab on product page and move all code related to customization to mymodule.tpl. Select and radio option(Size/Color ex.) works good but i can't move textfield to my module. i have {debug} in mymodule.tpl and $customizationFields variable have no values and it's not assigned. My modules displayed on the product page why they do not receive values from product.tpl? How can i pass ALL prestashop product page variables to my module? Thanks.
  2. I'm trying to adapt one thing to prestashop but currently i'm out of luck. I'm using plupload plugin to upload images and then rename file name to session_id.jpg (e.x 34lkjdflkjfdl345fd.jpg ) Upload and rename parts works fine as it's upload file to sitename.com/tmpfile/******.JPG But the question is - how can i display uploaded picture in prestashop? Since you can't use something like this in .TPL file. $fileimg = "default/default-logo.jpg"; $fileimg2 = './tmpfile/' . session_id() .'.jpg'; <img src="<?php If (file_exists($fileimg2)) { echo $fileimg2; } else { echo $fileimg; } ?>" alt="Face"> Thanks.
  3. Thanks you. I did look at Attribute Wizard Pro and have played with default prestashop attributes. I think i may be ok with standart prestashop attributes page but i need to change default product page theme a little bit. Where should i look for attributes and "more info" position? I need to make my product page like this:
  4. It is possible to make insted of "Add to cart" button "Next step" button and when you click on it you come to Step2 page with Attributes and Values. Maybe there is a ready addon for prestashop with these function. Thanks you. Example below:
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