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  1. ok, i can do it, but i don't knock where insert it as all the time it will be near for each product.
  2. hi everyone, sorry for my english. I must add a bottom: "reservation", when customers click on it , they will write their email. please help me. thank you all.
  3. but i have paypal pro. please can you tell me an clear link. thank you very much.
  4. hi everybody, i have paypal pro and i want add on each product of my prestashop site button "pay now". where i must attach the html code generated with paypal application. Or have you know a easy way for it? thank you all. Giancarlo.
  5. yes, but all the time many people open it on mobile the problem is another up.
  6. Please everywhere i open my site ...pc, tablet , smartphone.....always opened mobile version as if i disabled it on back. i also cleared all cache : smarty and theme cache. please can you help me, please. Sorry for my english. thanks
  7. hi everyone, sorry for my english. i want ask you if you can tell me about a prestashop module while loading page i can see an effect so i understand that i must wait the page. Thank you all.
  8. Hello everyone, I ask for your kind help because I have a problem that is making me lose several hours of sleep to no avail. Some modules like CMS, Ad Blocking, (on the right) and on the left the module purchased on Facebook like (addons prestashop) .... load only after the refresh my browser (latest generation Safari, mozilla, chrome, opera) . For a first opening (after deleting browsing data of the browser, as if I were a new customer), the modules do not load ....... I refresh and appear all. My version of prestashop and ' I have exhausted all attempts that my mediocre knowledge of prestashop allow me. I rely on you, I hope someone will help me. Thank you.
  9. Salve a Tutti, Chiedo il vostro cordiale aiuto perché ho un problema che mi sta facendo perdere parecchie ore di sonno senza risultato. Alcuni moduli come i cms, il blocco pubblicità, (sulla destra) e sulla sinistra il modulo Facebook like acquistato su (addons prestashop)....caricano solo dopo il refresh del mio browser (ultima generazione Safari, mozilla , chrome, opera). Ad una prima apertura (dopo aver cancellato i dati di navigazione del browser, come se fossi un nuovo cliente), i moduli non caricano.......faccio il refresh e compaiono tutti. La mia versione di prestashop e' Ho esaurito tutti i tentativi che le mie conoscenze mediocri di prestashop mi consentono. Mi affido a voi, spero che qualcuno mi aiuti. Grazie.
  10. Salve a tutti. ho eliminato definitivamente per sbaglio il blocco pubblicità dai moduli e non riesco più a ripristinarlo. qualcuno per favore mi potrebbe aiutare. Ringrazio in anticipo per il vostro interessamento. grazie. Giuseppe.
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