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  1. Hi Chris, Yes, that is exactly right. It works now. I should read your topic before sending this, sorry about that Thanks, Simon
  2. Hi, I'm new to PrestaShop, this is my first web experience, so there might be some stupid questions in this email. I have setup my PrestaShop (, it is running and now I want to enable PayPal payments with it. I created PyaPal Business Standard account and install PayPal module (v3.6.2) which came along with PrestaShop installation. I enter API credentials and tried to do a payment (I used live mode), but when I select PayPal in step 5, I got a blank page and this is where the story ends. I tried Express Checkout and Authorization/Capture, but all options produce teh same result - completely blank page (URL says: xxx/modules/paypal/express_checkout/payment.php in all cases). I got a suggestion from a friend to use another version of PayPal, so I downloaded v2.8.5 from http://www.agenceviaweb.com/en/free-prestashop-modules/123-paypal-v285.html (it actually shows version 2.8.2 once I load the module into Presta ?!?). This version actually works well, except that once I use a PayPal payment method is step 5. (Payment), instead going directly to PayPal, Presta shows another page, which is completely "messed up" (I don't know how to explain otherwise, you know, as the page would no be loaded correctly, everything is still there, but it is missplaced and looks funny - I tried with Chrome and Firefox and they both looks the same), but it suppose to be another conformation before proceeding to PayPal (it actually has a knob "I confirm my order", which brings me to PayPal page if I click it and from that point everything works - I can do the payment and get back to Presta where the shopping cat is empty and the store tells me that my order is received). Does anyone has any suggestion what could be wrong. Looks like my PayPal account works well and at least the host server settings allow communication with PayPal. I don't mind to use the old version, but the "messed page" is not something customer should see. Thanks, Simon
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