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  1. Thanks Admin that solve the half probleme , but how can I resolve the URL Path to the Product's Image so that i'm load it dynamically into My SWF Editor . And sorry again for my questions . IMPro
  2. Verify the size of your images . and when you upload them check if they are showen in the back office first . I'm also new to the PrestaShop Platform but I hope I'll help you .
  3. Hi everyone . So I'm new to PrestaShop ,but i'am developper for about 7 years. I developped a Flash/AS3.0 interface to personnalise TShirts ,it gives you the ability to Add Text,Images,Upload Images ... Then you can trosfom them, Rotate ,Scale change Colors and all what you need to personnalise your product ... I need help to add a button to each product in the hoe page next to the "Buy It " Button a small "Personnalise It " Button wich leads you to the SWF File , wich will download the specified file, load it into the stage and then you can start working on it . Sum : I need a help how to add a Personnalise It button next to the Buy it Button for each product ,and then send the Product's Image url to the SWF Page . I think a lot of people are searching for this kind of modules, and when i'll finish it i'll post it for FREE only on PrestaShop Platform .So any one who can give any kind of idea please give Help Or PM Me . PS: Sorry for my bad english ^^.And the CaMeL Text I used To Write like That whil programming IMPro .
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