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  1. Hi: While user checking out, user need to be notified that if shop for over 500 $ they will be gifted a free product. People whose carts have already crossed 500$ should be navigated to a page where they can pick a product of their choice. How to do this, there is any modules available for this. thanks in advance.
  2. Hi EI patron: First thanks a lot for your reply. Hope you understand what is my requirement, if not I clearly in brief. my requirement just like a basic thing: When site viewer views from USA the site currency set to US Doller. In case if the site visitor visit from europe the site currency set to euro this is my requirment. how can I process for this. I'm new to prestashop development. kindly please help to come out from this, Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi I want to show the currency in my store, based on the IP accessed. In case if the store accessed from USA, product price will be shown in '$', if it is accessed fomr europe the price must in 'Euro'. How to implement on this, anyone please hlep me, Thnaks in advance.
  4. Hi, with the help of the module user want to add images for product how to perform for this, anybody having samples or idea please share here. Now I working in single image which is working perfectly now. When going with more than one image, The image which comes other than first image is not coming. Any one pls help me thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, Problem with image uploading for products, I have code which working correctly for one image, but not working good when we go with more than one image, here is my code, any one please help me thanks in advance. $image->id_product = intval($product->id); $image->position = Image::getHighestPosition($product->id) + 1; $languages = Language::getLanguages(); foreach ($languages as $language) $image->legend[$language['id_lang']] = $name; $id_image = $image->id; $imagesTypes = ImageType::getImagesTypes('products'); for ($i=0; $i< count($_FILES['design']['name']) ; $i++) { if(Image::getImagesTotal($product->id)>0) $image->cover = false; else $image->cover = true; $image->add(); $new_path[$i] = $image->getPathForCreation(); $tmpName = tempnam(_PS_IMG_DIR_, 'PS'); ImageManager::resize($tmpName, $new_path[$i].'.'.$image->image_format); foreach ($imagesTypes as $imageType){ //$new_path = $image->getPathForCreation(); ImageManager::resize($tmpName[$i], $new_path[$i].'-'.stripslashes($imageType['name']).'.'.$image->image_format, $imageType['width'], $imageType['height'], $image->image_format); move_uploaded_file($_FILES['design']['tmp_name'][$i], $tmpName); } }
  6. Hi, I'm creating one module in that customer need to upload the image for product. If was working fine for single image, when we go for multiple image it is not working properly, only cover image was getting uploaded others are not getting uploaded here is my code for ($i=0; $i< count($_FILES['design']['name']) ; $i++) { $image->position = Image::getHighestPosition($product->id) + 1; if(Image::getImagesTotal($product->id)> 0) $image->cover = false; else $image->cover = true; $languages = Language::getLanguages(); foreach ($languages as $language) $image->legend[$language['id_lang']] = $name; $id_image = $image->id; $image->add(); $tmpName = tempnam(_PS_IMG_DIR_, 'PS'); move_uploaded_file($_FILES['design']['tmp_name'][$i], $tmpName); $new_path = $image->getPathForCreation(); ImageManager::resize($tmpName, $new_path.'.'.$image->image_format); $imagesTypes = ImageType::getImagesTypes('products'); foreach ($imagesTypes as $imageType) ImageManager::resize($tmpName, $new_path.'-'.stripslashes($imageType['name'][$i]).'.'.$image->image_format, $imageType['width'][$i], $imageType['height'][$i], $image->image_format); } thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Vekia, You are correct but I dont want to display that price also,
  8. In my module list, it showing somw of modules namely, Abandoned Cart Reminder (Addons) & AddShoppers Social Commerce Platform (Addons) I I Check with my modules directory but I unable to find the folders and documents similar to this. I want to hide this from backend how to do that. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi: In my case entire user details from non prestashop, it is from custom codes item. please tell me how to import the user details.
  10. Hi, I want to import customer my database from existing site done with some ohter fameeork. can any one pls tell me how to do this. FYI: I know existing site password function used in extisting site.
  11. Hi: How do I add facebook anltics code in my site. which shoule come for all pages.There is any module available for that. Please.. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi Vekia: In customer dash board we are having the links like, my profile my wishlist etc.. for example if the user is in my Address page in left side check with the result image with this thread, from that you can come to know that what I need.
  13. Hi, In prestashop dashboard I have some links that displaying only in dashboard of customer login. I want the links to be displayed in all the module my account page. How to display it. In that some of links also present.. For Example, In case if the user was in my wishliat page. the same links which are appear in the my wishlist page also. Please help me. Thanks in advance.
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