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  1. Price product by area!

    I mean I have 3 attributes (Colors, Area, Guarantee), I want to get one in them
  2. Price product by area!

    I see but if create "fake" countries then not good, i had tried that way! So I want to get one attribute to diplays in header.
  3. Hello, I want to help from brothers. Now my website have price products by area. Example: Vietname have 3 area(Norland, Central and Southward), When User selected one area in them then all product will display price in this area. So now I choose attribute and values in category is my way, the area selection is attribute and display in header near login/register. 1 attribute (Area) and 3 values (Norland, Central and Southward) How I can get area atribute into header.tpl. Please help me. Prestashop Image demo: