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  1. selectshop.at's post in SERVER ERROR 500 - Campo VAT obrigatório?? was marked as the answer   
    Vc. desativou o VAT, mas o campo ainda consta no formato do endereco. Vc. deverá deletar o campo. Além do mais vejo que ativou siret. Este campo idem puxa o VAT.
  2. selectshop.at's post in mais caracteres no nome dos artigos was marked as the answer   
    O Problema é que mudam toda hora nesta versao. É uma versao em desenvolvimento e BTW a cada upgrade fica pior. 1.7.3 está totalmente desconfigurado no back-office. Produtos nao podem ser editados/salvados... Acabei voltando com um rollback para PS e sinceramente estou farta desta brincadeira que já leva um ano. Nao mais vou dar suporte para PS 1.7.
    Veja se alterando o valor do truncate para mais dígitos no ficheiro abaixo - standard estao 30, altere para 200 por ex.. resolve o problema.
    {block name='product_name'} <h1 class="h3 product-title" itemprop="name"><a href="{$product.url}">{$product.name|truncate:200:'...'}</a></h1> {/block} Após alterar deleta o smarty cache e cache do browser.
  3. selectshop.at's post in [gelöst] Kaufbestätigungsbutton / Check out Page fehlt was marked as the answer   
    In deiner PM an mich, hatte ich dir bereits geschrieben, was du tun sollst.
    1) Den Debug Modus aktivieren. Bei dir fehlt jegliche Zahloption.
    2) Deaktiviere auch sämtliche Fremdmodule (w. z.B. dein Blog.) Irgendein JS verhindert andere Skripte.
    3) Leere auch den Smarty Cache.
  4. selectshop.at's post in Änderung im Modul Rechtssicherheit was marked as the answer   
    Unter alle Cache ist auch der smarty cache gemeint, nicht nur browser cache. Dieser auch schon geleert ? Link zu deiner Seite ist, damit man sich das mal "live" ansehen kann ?
  5. selectshop.at's post in [solved]Timeout and Save buttons was marked as the answer   
    Devshop with no data should run well. Liveshop with data could have problems on same server. So a install with no data is not a guarantee for that the server fits.
    1) Prestashop version ?
    2) Server settings ? Settings you checked are taken from where ? Shared server ?
    Here you will find tested server settings:
    PS 1.7:  https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/633857-server-requirements-for-ps-17/
    PS 1.6.: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/633856-server-requirements-tested-in-production-for-ps-16/
    3) Tried to disable non-native modules and overrides ?
    4) Checked server error logs ? Checked for broken tables on the specific database ? (you can do this with phpMyAdmin - tutorials you will find by Google search)
  6. selectshop.at's post in [solved]Reference type FAQ module was marked as the answer   
    Why you don't add the sites as cms and use them on a block called  "FAQ's" ? On the module CMS block you can add several blocks, with different content. My solution is not a blog module ! You add your content in a block on left or right side or to the footer.
    In this case you add cms site on back-office on tab: "preferences ->CMS". After adding your new pages there you go to tab "modules and services " -> modules and services-> install/activate module "CMS block" and add there on configuration a right or left block by choosing your specific added CMS pages. BTW this pages you can also add to the footer. See lower block configuration on that module.
  7. selectshop.at's post in [solved]why do i get this error please was marked as the answer   
    You are getting this error, because the file of your xipblog is wrong coded and cannot trespass the php-version you are using, delivering an error.
    So there are two possibilities for to debug the problem:
    1) correct the php error - ask for developer of xipblog to debug the problem
    2) change the php-version in use on server and see if error disappears. In most cases this help, but it's not a guarantee, better to ask developer to debug his erroneous code.
  8. selectshop.at's post in prestashop 1.7 no temporary folder was marked as the answer   
    Solución del problema encontrase aquí:  https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/641937-solved-no-puedo-subir-imagenes-no-temporary-folder-was-configured-in-phpini
  9. selectshop.at's post in [solved} No puedo subir imagenes. No Temporary folder was configured in php.ini was marked as the answer   
    Compruebe los permisos de escritura para la carpeta / img / tmp. Parece que su servidor está bloqueando esta carpeta. Los permisos deberan ser 0755
  10. selectshop.at's post in Como dar espaço entre uma linha e outra? was marked as the answer   
    Em geral nova linha é <br> e não <p>. <p> serve para paragrafo/bloco novo.
  11. selectshop.at's post in Backoffice sempre a carregar, página de Produtos não responde was marked as the answer   
    Downgrade nao é possível se vc. nao fez um upgrade com o módulo 1-click upgrade. Fazendo upgrade com o módulo, vc. tem a possibilidade de usar a funcao rollback.
    O tema nao é compatível com a versao Prestashop em uso. Está dando os erros que tem. Se comprou, entao deve contatar o desenvolvedor, para que esta debuge o problema.
  12. selectshop.at's post in [solved]Remove some http was marked as the answer   
    Indeed theme developer did not followed Prestashop architecture. Found http://schema.org in several theme template files and theme module template files. All changed for now to https://. Delete cache and check.
    If you are still having the problem, than please write on PM. If not I will close this question as answered.
  13. selectshop.at's post in Tabelas específicas com número de registros desproporcional was marked as the answer   
    Estas tabelas tem funcoes estatísticas, ou seja pra que vc. possa filtrar no back-office alguns dados.  O conteúdo pode ser deletado de tempo em tempo.
    Com módulo grátis, manualmente ou entao se vc. desabilitar no back-office todos os módulos estatísticos, os dados nao sao escritos alí.
  14. selectshop.at's post in Integração do Prestashop com ERP was marked as the answer   
    Entao para isto vc. necessita codar um script usando o webservice.
  15. selectshop.at's post in Inserting html content to product, images won't load was marked as the answer   
    Presta theme is responsive, but if you add content which is not responsive, so it will not responsive as well. You need to forward the class of responsiveness too, to your tables and images, because as you said: it is html-content, so a content with foreign code. If you add only text it will go responsive. This is a simple question of inheritance rules.
  16. selectshop.at's post in Protecting your images was marked as the answer   
    For to protect images you can use watermark native module. Find it on the module list of your back-office (Prestashop 1.3 -> 1.6). For PS 1.7. this option was removed and moved to paid addons.
    @anth55  what is meant by RMB ?
  17. selectshop.at's post in [solved]Modifying modules css files has no effect was marked as the answer   
    Did you also cleared smarty cache and browser cache after changes ?
  18. selectshop.at's post in [solved]Your system does not have a secure random number generator. was marked as the answer   
    This was my first thought....
  19. selectshop.at's post in Redirect domain.com/index.html to domain.com was marked as the answer   
    Seems that on your server mod_rewrite is not activated or you didn't activated friendly URL's ? /index.php will not appear, if friendly URL's are activated. Than you will reach your URL only by domain.com, without the /index.php in URL.
    You activate this on back-office, tab "Preferences " -> SEO & URL's -> Set-up URL's ->  Friendly URL = YES. If friendly URL are activated, than you should revert to your provider. Seems that something is going wrong with mod_rewrite.
    BTW index.html is not the same as index.php (used by Prestashop).
    EDIT: I checked your domain and I'm not able to access https://www.podkasztanami1.pl/index.php which is Prestashop native. index.html is not a valid Prestashop site. If you try, you will get the error site of Prestashop.
    If you want to redirect html to php try to add this line to your .htaccess (on first, before Prestashop block).
    RewriteRule ^index\.htm$ index.php [NC,R]
  20. selectshop.at's post in PHP parameters Installation Error v1.6 was marked as the answer   
    Really poor from your provider. He is advertising as Prestashop provider and the server is not configured for to the use out of box of Prestashop, BTW for the use of no other e-commerce software as well ?? This is what I call pseudo provider. Bad in support and server administration, good in marketing....
    mbstring not enabled
    mcrypt not enabled
    mysql not activated....
    These are min for each other e-commerce software as well....
    1) For the one not loaded, simply restart the apache, than modules should load.
    2) Activate on panel also pdo_mysql, msqlnd and mysql. They are not checked on your second picture added.
    3) Install GD library with putty and SSH terminal:
    sudo apt-get install php5-gd sudo service apache2 restart BTW if you consult the net about this feature, than should be installed on all their servers: http://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/website/software/is-gd-library-installed-on-the-server
    If not, and you don't have root access, so please contact the support team of inmotionhosting. Information about this are controverse.
    LAST BUT NOT LEAST: if you have more than one host/domain on same server, so please don't forget to activate all what you need also for the new host/domain. It should be on your inmotion panel for domain xyz on server settings or something else like "settings"
  21. selectshop.at's post in Menu do theme padrão was marked as the answer   
    1) Para que categorias aparecam no menu, vc. terá que adicioná-las na configuracao do módulo
    Configure o módulo em seu back-office na aba "módulos -> módulos & servicos". Procure lá na barra de busca por "menu horizontal superior". Ao lado direito vc. encontra um botao. Use a funcao "editar".
    Adicione do lado direito para o lado esquerdo e salve. Deleta o cache do seu browser depois de ter alterado.
    2) Modificar o thema: modificar o que ?
    Cores: https://www.google.com.br/search?q=prestashop+alterar+cores&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gws_rd=cr&ei=vGrXWMXQBdLLsAHjsbbgDg
    Dicas para problemas comuns: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/287689-cole
    Sugiro que explora um pouco as funcoes do Prestashop. Muitos temas vc. mesmo pode resolver, sem ter que procurar: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/PrestaShop+1.6+documentation
  22. selectshop.at's post in Not create translation for Kazakh language was marked as the answer   
    I see...
    Seems to be a bug of Prestashop itself. Add your problem to the  forge  so developers can debug the specificity kz-KZ for next version.
    I'm moving your question to the bug forum section, cause it is a specific bug for KZ.
  23. selectshop.at's post in Fileinfo extension is not enabled was marked as the answer   
    Em todas versoes php acima de 5.3 (inclusive) esta extensao é instalada automaticamente. Qual versao php está usando ? Se estiver usando php 5.3.+ entao ative a funcao como no link acima citado.
  24. selectshop.at's post in Erro de acesso Modulos ( ERRO_QUICK_PROTOCOL_ERROR ) was marked as the answer   
    Provavelmente a pasta /modules nao possue direitos de escrita necessários. Verifique a configuracao do chmod correta para as pastas do Prestashop aqui: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/236128-tutorial-servidor-configura%C3%A7%C3%A3o-m%C3%ADnima-para-prestashop/
    Outra coisa que notei: a pasta /modules/manage nao existe no Prestashop. Deve ser algo alterado vindo da sua versao Prestashop em uso, ou proveniente de algum extra que tenha instalado. Nativamente existe uma pasta /modules, mas nenhuma pasta /module. Overrides do código deverao serfeitos na pasta /overrides e nao no core....
    Tem certeza que está usando Prestashop versao nativa/oficial e nao um fork ou uma versao adaptada por alguém ?
  25. selectshop.at's post in Enable Standard 5 Step Checkout was marked as the answer   
    5 steps it is not available anymore in Prestashop 1.7. PS 1.7. is using per default OPC.
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