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  1. Mani rathnam's post in Multiple mails are sending for 'Shipped' status was marked as the answer   
    Fixed. we are using another module for shipping. That module is sending another mail for 'Shipped' status. 
  2. Mani rathnam's post in Not able to see the core mails in the Translation screen was marked as the answer   
    Found the issue. If there is any zip file (compressed files) in the mails folder, it is creating this issue. 
  3. Mani rathnam's post in Homeslider Target URL is not working was marked as the answer   
    Found the issue.
    There is a CSS file in the theme level. It should be copied to new module. Now it is working fine.
  4. Mani rathnam's post in Display only one particular category in special module was marked as the answer   
    Now it is working fine. But it is displaying "Pre-tax retail price" not the "Retail price with tax". Can anyone please help me on this ?
    For the same product, the price is displaying properly in the category page but it is showing another price in new module.
    Not sure where the issue is.
    please help me on this.
    Thanks in Advance.
  5. Mani rathnam's post in "All Specials" Link is not enabling was marked as the answer   
    Thanks Rocky. It is working fine. I have changed in the main file itself.
    Again, Thanks for your time Rocky. 
  6. Mani rathnam's post in Issue in loading bulk images was marked as the answer   
    Finally i found the issue. 
    the image dimension is too big. so reduced the dimension and its loading fine..
    Thanks for the help.
  7. Mani rathnam's post in [SOLVED] Mouseover response on categroy is very slow was marked as the answer   
    Thanks Vekia..
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