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  1. Hi Patrick, Did you got the solution ? I am also facing same issue. Regards, Mani
  2. Hi NemoPS, This is the 2nd shop in the multistore. 1st shop is working fine. Not sure what is the issue ? Can you please help me where is the prob and where should i check ? Regards, Mani
  3. Hi, When i click on the category, the URL is like this "http://thecraftshop.in/wholesale/index.php?controller=prices-drop" when i change the show to 70 or 175, it is changing to "http://thecraftshop.in/wholesale/?n=70".. so it is coming to home page. can anyone please help me where is the issue ? Thanks in advance, Mani
  4. Hi Musicmaster, Thanks. It is secured site. Without logging in, we cant see the issue. and it is happening in Live site. I cant share the credential. No error. Attached is the screenshot for your reference. in the screenshot, highlighted in red. If i select 70 or other 175, it is redirecting to home page. No errors. It is happening only in PRICE DROP screen. It is working fine in other categories. Thanks in Advance, Mani
  5. Hi, We have Multistore and both stores are working fine. But in one of the store, when i select to see 70 products in the page, the page gets refreshed and redirecting to home page. Due to this issue, customers not able to see more products in a page. anyone please help me ? Thanks in advance. Mani
  6. Fixed. we are using another module for shipping. That module is sending another mail for 'Shipped' status.
  7. Found the issue. If there is any zip file (compressed files) in the mails folder, it is creating this issue.
  8. Thanks for the response NemoPS. I will try and update. Can you please help me why I am not able to see the mails in the screen ? and it is saying, 1 missing translation also. We didn't do any changes in the mails setup or anything. So not sure what is the issue. Regards, Mani
  9. Anyone faced this issue ? Still it is not working for me. Can anyone please help me on this ? It is in PROD and we are not able to change any content. Regards, Mani
  10. Hi Team, Suddenly the mails are not listed in the Translations screen. Below is the screenshot. Can anyone please help me what might be the issue ? Attached the screenshot. It is not showing any error also. PS Regards, Mani
  11. Anyone please help me on this ? Thanks in Advance. Mani
  12. Thanks for the response. i am not sure whether it is curl or not... below is the code call for API. $requestParamList = array("MID" => $merchant_id , "ORDERID" => $_POST['ORDERID']); $check_status_url = 'https://pguat.paytm.com/oltp/HANDLER_INTERNAL/TXNSTATUS'; $responseParamList = callAPI($check_status_url, $requestParamList); I want to see what is the response we are getting from this. I tried the below functions. But no use. All are returning blank or page is not getting loaded. var_export, var_dump, array_values My doubt is, if i use these functions, it will display in website right ? I am using web php tool (which is in Control Panel)for modifying the code. I don't have console to test/print the output. I have to run and test in the PROD instance directly which is not recommended by my client. is there any other way to get the response ? Regards, Manirathnam S
  13. Hi, We bought Paytm Module. In that, we are passing the Order Id, Amount and Merchent ID to the Paytm API. Now we want to check what is the response of that API. I am don't know how to get the API response. Can anyone please help me on this ? Please help. Regards, Mani
  14. Thanks musicmaster. Before I realize that the server is using more resources, the page is going down. I will try this option and update you. Meanwhile, can i use explicit code to close the connection. example: Db::getInstance()->disconnect(); is that right way to do ? Thanks in Advance. Mani
  15. Hi All, I have copied one of the existing Stats report module and created a new one. Modified the sql query inside the stat module. It is working fine. But it is taking too much resource and bringing the site down. When we asked the Prestashop support team, they said, it is because the query in the new stat module is not closing the database session after running the sql query. I am not sure how to resolve this and i am having doubt that why the same issue in not there in the existing modules. Can anyone please guide me on this ? It is happening in PROD and as of now we disabled the newly created modules. Thanks in Advance. Mani
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