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  1. Thanks. So technically, I can: Install 1.5 with new language . Upgrade 1.5 to 1.6 new expression will be added to Language Pack Export that Language Pack Import it back to P1.6
  2. Hey guys, I think I found that issue with Empty Cart in Chrome. Please check your SEO setting, make sure you don't have www in your URL. with www, my site will add only...1 product. It doesn't add any more and Checkout show: Empty Cart. When I remove www, it works great. This issue only appear in Chrome Bug reported here: http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-2013
  3. Hi Vekia, I found a number of posts regarding to this Default Language "issue". It turns out that since P1.5.6, it will detect Customer's Browser language and set default one for his/her visit. That's why I always saw English as my Default even-though I have set Vietnamese in BO.
  4. Hi vekia I'm not sure if I can use this thread to report an issue with Default language. I have followed the guide and set Default language to something else. But it doesn't seem to get applied. I have tried to reset my safari browser, try different browsers, different machines... Default language is sitll English. I'm running on Localhost, Prestashop, the site doesn't use any cache, themes is Forced To re-comile. Please advise how I can troubleshoot this?
  5. Hi all, Can we use language pack that was meant for 1.5 and import them to 1.6? Would it still be compatible? thank you very much
  6. Hi, I tried to enter the domain and subdomain to Media Server field, but it keep going back to blank fields. The page doesn't show any error, just say: Update successful Can I update this field via SQL database directly? I'm using Thanks for your help !
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