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  1. Description: For example , can set : Product A with payment method: "paypal" and "Cash On Delivery" Product B with payment method: "paypal" and "credit card" Product C with payment method: "credit card" -If products have common payment Method,we have two options: 1. "Only display common Payment Method" 2. "Display all product Payment Method" (available payment for all purchased products) -If products don't have common Payment Method, you have two options: 1.Do not display any Payment Method 2.Display Predefined Payment Method (we can select predefined payment methods from all payment method) looking forward to hear some help asking this since couple of months but didnt got any response till now.
  2. i am looking for a module or solution for Restriction of payment by category similar to http://addons.prestashop.com/en/payments-gateways-prestashop-modules/8015-restriction-of-payment-by-category.html but i want to allow payment by product wants to offer COD on limited products when customer wants to buy non cod product on payment method it will see only bank wire option.. Thanks
  3. No. and if i do that then i cant see newly uploaded product after login as a customer for couple of hours and if i logout and visit as a guest i can see all newly uploaded products. not 1 click updated from installed fresh software and version is
  4. My issue has been resolved after I followed vekia reply on this thread Thanks Vekia
  5. I was giving you an example like how I would like to show new products on home page. It's display category wise. Is there any possibility?
  6. is it possible to display new products category wise Example: in Shoes we uploaded 5 new shoes and it will show on homepage as a new product in TShirts we uploaded 10 new tshirt designs and all these 10 shows on homepage as a new product for details you can visit http://goo.gl/ekayvl you will understand what i mean. Thanks
  7. i am also facing this same issue and thats why i am thinking to move best seller, popular place to somewhere else
  8. i am talking about best sellers section which is beside to new products can we move it to right hand side or left hand side? and it display products as a list. actually as a default there is no border so it look like duplicate product if we enable best seller block. if we change the place to somewhere else then it will look much better
  9. how to edit the place of best seller block from top to left hand side and view best seller products as a list with pictures. same with featured products but position right hand side
  10. checked all settings and everything its still same uploaded new product i can see new product as a guest when i signin as a customer i cant see that product but if i paste the url of that product after login as a customer that product page opens direct and after that when i go to home i cant see same product. cleaned cache and tried after that also same issue
  11. when i upload new products its display when i am not login as a registered user but when i logged in as a customer it shows nothing. there is more issues and cant find the solution.
  12. currency setting page picture & after login home page pictures are attached. already clean the cache also but still same issue cant find the solution
  13. Hello, no i didnt. but now after notice i tried to changes but its still same.
  14. when i am login as a registered customer then i can see comma & when i logout it shows fine screenshot is attached upload gambar
  15. when i am login as a registered customer i can see products when i logout i cant see
  16. i deleted new product from BO but its showing it on homepage and when i try to open it from homepage it says this product is no longer available can anyone tell me the solution ?? Thanks
  17. on home page we are facing price/currency issue, its working fine in inner pages. it gives comma where dot must be in price on home page and in inner pages its working fine. checked all features from BO. pictures are attached of homepage and inner page. Home Page free picture upload Inner Page 20mb image hosting url: http://goo.gl/JUjg5F
  18. how to enable order id in numbers? we prefer to order id in number not alphabets is there any option ? Thanks
  19. i tried to delete default listed products picture of products are not showing product name is still visible on home page when i open link it says There is 1 error Product not found have a look at http://goo.gl/9aDEDM
  20. i am newbie to prestashop i created a new category but its no visible to home page its still default showing on homepage prestashop 1.6. when i add new product in new created category then products display but i still cant see category you can see at http://goo.gl/9aDEDM Thanks in advance
  21. is it possible to add new product in one page setup. default is little longer and need to save in every step.
  22. Thank you so much for your quick response. how to add products in popular section ?
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