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  1. The site is dead but if You still need the module, write me Your email address and I will send it to You. Regards, Luke
  2. You can now download them for free from http://www.prestashop-developer.eu. Enjoy!
  3. Hi mrmakoko, Go to the blocktopmenu.php and find the makemenu() function. At the very end of the function, insert the following code: $this->_menu .= '[YOUR_HTML_CODE]' where [YOUR_HTML_CODE] is the html code to display the thumbnails. Hope that helps, Lukens
  4. Well, I'm glad I could help! I really advise to make friends with Firebug. Regards! Lukens
  5. Trust me, I don't want to get into details but my suggestion will work.
  6. Ok, I pinned down the bug, it might have something to do with the css changes in new versions of PS (the module was designed ages ago for v. 1.2.5). Open the global.css file (/themes/prestashop/css/global.css) and go to line 1112. Then, add the following line: height: 85px; That should do the trick.
  7. Could You send me a link to Your PS website? I tested the module on my machine and it works fine, even with a short description, I need a live example to check it.
  8. Hmm, that's not right... I haven't seen this glitch earlier, maybe since all the descriptions I used were a little longer. I'll have to work on a fix, I'll post it on my blog soon.
  9. Well, one of my clients introduced the idea, I just thought I would share the ready solution. As for the captcha - that might be a good idea for the next version, I just don't know when will I find time to make one.
  10. From what I read on the web - there isn't a ready solution for this. There are some developers that make dedicated interfaces for PS <-> AX, but I haven't found a complete product... I'm quite curious about this myself since my work concerns both AX and PS. Knowing the flexibility and potential of these two, I think that integrating them together would make a very nice and powerful trading tool. I just haven't noticed any demand for such a platform, ERP systems smaller than AX seem to be more popular here. Based on opinions from some of the customers I've been working for, it's mostly because a company that can afford AX can also afford a commercial script with commercial support etc. I would be really glad to hear people's opinion on this.
  11. Hi, I recently uploaded a modified version of the "Send to a friend" module that can be displayed as a separate tab on product page. You can download it (for free of course) from the file section of my blog - PrestaShop Developer. You can also read a tutorial and learn how the module was created step by step. Enjoy! Lukens
  12. Hi Jeepsterdk, Well something is wrong for sure, it shouldn't look that way. I assume You modified global.css? Try copying the original global.css file from the fresh MetalBase theme and applying changes I discribed in earlier posts. What effect did You try to accomplish? Regards, Lukens
  13. Sorry man but Patanock is absolutely right, 10 pounds for creating a new module? I don't even know where to start on explaining how ridiculous this price is...
  14. Also, You might want to try changing the lines 121 and 131 setting the value: background-image: url("../img/title_bg.jpg") See if that fits You better, it changes the tab background image of the tabs, now that I see it I think it looks better than the original.
  15. Hi Jeepsterdk, For the "kasse" and all other buttons to be white, in line 510 of global.css change color: white to color: #374853. For the tabs, make the same change in line 121 and 131. That should be it. I think I'll apply these changes on the themes on my website, it actually looks better when the color is darker. Regards!
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