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  1. Good luck pal! I'll let you know if I get any joy. Dan
  2. Hi El Patron. So I rolled back to 1.5 (which of course also replaced all my updated products and categories) but it still had the same error, although a knock-on effect of the error before was that it meant no delivery address was passed to PayPal, with 1.5 that seemed to be fixed. I have now reverted to 1.6 and tried making a purchase with the default-bootstrap theme, and again the error occurs: TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to save adresses Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: parsererror So I am now even more confused that I was before! Dan
  3. Hi El Patron. It says on the the site that it isn't, but after I updated the theme was working fine for a while before this error appeared. I had an issue with PayPal so I "edited" a few files, which fixed it but now created this problem. I have now contacted the theme developer & I will rollback to 1.5 to see if it helps. Dan
  4. Hi guys. I keep getting the following error when changing address (delivery & billing) on order-address during the checkout: TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to save adresses Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: parseerror Any ideas? Dan
  5. Hi guys. When a customer adds a new address during checkout, the new address is not automatically selected on page reload, causing some customers to continue with the old address selected. Can this new address either be set as the new delivery address by default, or at least moved to the top of the combobox so that it will be selected as it's first in the list? Thanks, Dan
  6. Hi all. When a customer adds a new address for delivery it is not automatically selected by the combobox, instead it sticks with the already selected address or the one at the top of the list. I have edited order-address.tpl in particular the below line, but no luck yet. <option value="{$address.id_address|intval}" {if $address.id_address == $cart->id_address_delivery}selected="selected"{/if}>{$address.alias|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</option> Is there anyway around this? Thanks, Dan
  7. I too am using PayPal v3.6.4 and on Presta and have a similar problem. I am based in the UK, and sell to UK citizens abroad, so the shipping address is nearly always non-English but the client is English speaking. As such I need the PayPal page to be in English, but it adopts the language of the shipping Country. I've tried all the above and more but still no success. Anyone got anymore ideas? Thanks, Dan
  8. Hi all. My site is ready for launch so I have done some test purchases and everytime it is changing the address on the order to the PayPal address. This is a critical fault as my site sends packages to people abroad so the billing address (PayPal) will never be the same as the delivery address. Any ideas much appreciated! Thanks, Dan
  9. Hi all. My site ships parcels to people abroad so I always need a shipping address outside the UK. But when a customer selects to have a different billing address, this address cannot be validated unless it matches the rules of the delivery address. For example, deliver to USA requires a State, but billing to the UK does not. I have managed a quick fix by removing all options to add a billing address, but this is not ideal and has now created errors with PayPal - it changes the Country of Shipping to that of Billing (as per the card used) Any ideas? I am on the latest versions of Presta and PayPal. Thanks, Dan
  10. Hi all. This problem is a little unusual. I have 8 categories, 4 of which have sub-categories underneath. In only one of these 4 categories the products from all the sub-categories display on the category page, rather than like on the other 3 where there are just links to the sub-categories (like I want). I have checked that the products are not mistakenly added to the master category and they are not. So I don't know what to do! Any thoughts? Thanks, Dan
  11. Thanks for the quick reply Robin. I have tried that, but I can't seem to get the product ID. Not to worry though, it's not important! Cheers, Dan
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