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  1. 因为我当时买空间的时候,直接绑定了自己的博客域名,所以再往空间里建站的时候,默认的都有一个我博客的二级域名。 所以我的prestashop网店存在两个域名,一个是网店自己的顶级域名,一个是我博客的二级域名。 问题是,我在空间后台设置了转向,而进网店前台的时候,那个二级域名是会自动转向网店域名的。 但是进管理员后台的时候,网店域名却跳转成博客的二级域名。 本来这个转向并不影响后台各种操作,但是生成google sitemap后却发现,里面的所有网址都是以我博客的二级域名开始的。 请问这是什么问题,怎么解决
  2. i installed prestashop under the directory of my blog site, and set a domain to the folder. Then my web store has a domain and a subdomain. The domain is http://www.mineralcrystalonline.com, the subdomain is mineralcrystalonline.MUBLOGDOMAIN.com. The problem is i can enter my site with the domain, but when i tried to enter the back office, the admin url would automaticly point to mineralcrystalonline.MUBLOGDOMAIN.com. It does not affect any use of back office, but when i generated a google sitemap, all the urls in it are mineralcrystalonline.MUBLOGDOMAIN.com/xxxx.html, but not http://www.mineralcrystalonli.com/xxxx/html I wonder what's the problem and how to resolve it. I think there should be a config file to set the path of back office, but can't find it. Could someone help me? Thanks!
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