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  1. Well, I didn't make any changes as such in the code or Prestashop setting. I had talked to GoDaddy support and asked them to look into the issue regarding the popup message I was getting. After a week I talked to them again and they said that the issue was still in the queue and will we looked after. And on the third week, I don't what changes godaddy made on their side, but site started functioning (add/edit products) normally without any error. This confirms that problem is on godaddy side (may be security configuration) not in Prestashop.
  2. Dear all, GoDaddy has finally resolved the issue yesterday and the "Some tabs was not loaded correctly. ..." message doesn't pop up anymore. I can now add/edit products as usual without any problem. For your reference, site is in shared hosting & it's working fine now. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge in the forum.
  3. Hi arash_a2k, Were you able to find solution to second issue? Also I want to list products by category in manufacturer page. For example in Apple page we can have several groups containing apple products: Ipods, Mac books, Iphones..... I am trying to implement same feature in my website too. I will be really thankful if you have solved the problem and share your expertise on this issue.
  4. It's been 3 days now since I discussed the issue with goDaddy and no email or response in any form till date.
  5. I had chat with goDaddy live support regarding this issue yesterday and according to them, it may be an issue with mod_security on the server and are looking into getting this corrected. GoDaddy have created a ticket for this issue and the official time frame for resolution is 24 -72 hours. Waiting for their answer, fingers crossed, hoping to get this problem solved as soon as possible.
  6. No, I have not created ticket for this issue in godaddy support yet. It seems goDaddy has removed ticketing and email support in favor of phone and live chat.
  7. Thanks Vekia for prompt response. When I right click on the link and press display on new window from console as you have suggested, results in the new tab is inconsistent. Some times it displays "Error: Requested url content cannot be resolved." message, other times it displays the product input form without any error. After carefully observing these different result, I found that if I click open the link immediately after getting the message in console, it displays "Error: Requested url content cannot be resolved." message. But if you wait for a while(say a minute) and then click the same link in new tab, it displays the product input form. Weird behavior.
  8. I am using Prestashop 1.5.5 and getting above mentioned error while adding new or editing existing product. Site was functioning well until last 2 days but suddenly above message started poping up out of no where when I tried adding new product. I have searched for the solution for whole 3 days but in vein. I have changed forced compile and cache setting as well but made no difference. As suggested in the Prestashop forum, multi-store is disabled, changed define('PS_MODE_DEV', false) to define('PS_MODE_DEV', true), checked browser console using ctl + shift + J, to see if I can find tangible error message, 502 Bad Gateway error in jquery-1.7.2.min.js file ,but couldn't understand reason behind the error. I have attached error message for reference. The site is already up and running. Please help me solve this issue and I'd be really really thankful to you. Just for reference the site is hosted at godaddy.com (shared hosting). Regards
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