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  1. Hello Prestashop Forum! Is there any way to set a maximum purchase to validate an order. For example the maximum order will be set to $20,000, if the customer exceed to $20,000 there is a warning. Or set a total Quantity per order. Really appreciate your help guys. Thank You!
  2. Hi Paul! This actually works, but I want to show price without the tax. My products have tax included in it. Thank you so much.
  3. Is there a way to show the "Remaining amount to be added to your cart in order to obtain free shipping:" in order summary(shopping-cart.tpl) in Prestashop 1.6? Thanks!
  4. I experiencing this problem now. In my website it only shows 1 product color. It didn't show all available colors. Any solutions regarding this? Thanks!
  5. Hi! Is there any way that i can change the Select Size Dropdown in Product Page like this one: http://www.teva.com/...006_color=BLGRN I'm using Prestashop 1.6 Really appreciate your help. Thanks
  6. Hi! Is there any way that i can change the Select Size Dropdown in Product Page like this one: http://www.teva.com/men-sandals/original-universal/1004006.html?dwvar_1004006_color=BLGRN Really appreciate your help. Thanks!
  7. Hi! I applied all the codes that you've provided but it doesn't work for me. Whenever I hover the product in product-list.tpl it always get the first image. Here is the link of my test site. http://www.perfectrelay.net/sandugo/3-shop Really appreciate your help. Thanks!
  8. Hi Hideaki! I was able to apply the code that you've provided. But there is a problem, when i hover the product, it always get the same image. Is there any way that it will get the second image just like on the demo site that you've provided? Thanks
  9. i changed the blockcart-json.tpl that you've said but it didn't work. It always shows dots.
  10. I'm using Prestashop 1.5.6 Here's the link: http://oga-lala.com/ Thanks!
  11. Hi Sir! Good Day to you! Im having trouble in prestashop regarding the blockcart which is hook in right column. When i try to add a product to the cart, the cart summary in the right column dont show the product name but it shows the '...' in it, but when i refresh the page, it shows the product name on the cart summary. Really appreciate your help. Thanks!
  12. Hi Everyone! I'm having a situation here. I have this different shipping rate for different addresses. When I select multiple shipping address, it doesn't calculate shipping rates for both selected addresses. In my cart it shows Free Shipping for both address. I have set different price range for every address depending on what state the client want to ship the product. For example: I selected Multiple Shipping Address1 = $10 Shipping Rate Address2 = $20 Shipping Rate Shipping Fee = Free Shipping (It must be calculated depending on its address right?) Any thoughts with this? Thanks!
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