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  1. Hi all, I've been experiencing several issues with my store and it was first picked up using the Attribute Wizard Pro module where the cart overrides were not appearing in the cart. Then I have removed items from the cart which it does but the total doesn't. Refresh the page and the products re-appear. I have checked the error log and the only error that keeps coming up is: [13-Jan-2017 05:35:08 GMT] PHP Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: unmatched parentheses at offset 13 in /home/xxxxxxxxx/public_html/giftprezzy.com/override/controllers/front/ProductController.php on line 24 This is the code: <?php /** * PrestaShop module created by VEKIA, a guy from official PrestaShop community ;-) * * @author VEKIA https://www.prestashop.com/forums/user/132608-vekia/ * @copyright 2010-2016 VEKIA * @license This program is not free software and you can't resell and redistribute it * * CONTACT WITH DEVELOPER http://mypresta.eu * [email protected] */ class ProductController extends ProductControllerCore { /* * module: purls * date: 2016-04-20 20:22:25 * version: 1.8.3 */ public function init() { if (Configuration::get('purls_products')==1){ $link_pattern = Tools::safeOutput(urldecode(Tools::getValue('product_rewrite'))); $product_pattern = '/.*?\/[([0-9]+)]*\-([_a-zA-Z0-9-\pL]*)\.html/'; preg_match($product_pattern, $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], $Array); if(isset($Array[2]) && $Array[2]!="" && $Array!=NULL) $link_pattern = $urlArray[2]; if ($link_pattern) { $sql = "SELECT id_product FROM "._DB_PREFIX_."product_lang WHERE link_rewrite='".$link_pattern."' AND id_lang=".Context::getContext()->language->id." AND id_shop=".$this->context->shop->id; $id_product = Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->getValue($sql); if($id_product != "") { $_POST['id_product'] = $id_product; $_GET['id_product'] = $id_product; $_GET['product_rewrite'] = ''; } else { header('HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found'); header('Status: 404 Not Found'); } } else { header('HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found'); header('Status: 404 Not Found'); } parent::init(); } else { parent::init(); } } } I deleted the cache/class_index.php file as suggested by the creator of the Attribute Wizard Pro Module. I re-installed the cart block module and made sure it was hooked in the Header. Tried clearing cache. Disabled overrides and re-enabled them. The screenshot also shows the issues appearing on the debugger. Hope someone can help. Many thanks.
  2. Hi all, I am trying to tody up my shop and one thing I am having trouble with is repositioning things on the mobile theme, more specifically the search box. This shows up above the logo as shown below: What I would like to know, is can this be moved to show below the logo and be full width like the cart block but only on the mobile theme? I have been trying everywhere but found no solution. Can this be done without changing the desktop layout? Before I forget, I did reposition the main theme so the search box is on the left, the logo is in the centre and cart is on the right. To make this do what I want on the mobile theme, would these need changing back?
  3. Yeah it is. I have tried to add a new product and this one worked. The problem is really strange but I'm glad it's sorted itself out. Just want to know why it's done this...
  4. I have checked these and the product is enabled and the category is visible to all users. This is really confusing me now. Got no idea what is going on with it Everything else is working fine apart from this.
  5. Hi Shokinro I have added the individual quantities when setting up combinations. When looking in the back office, everything would appear normal. It's enabled and in stock. It does appear in the front office and I can view it on the shop's home page but when I click on it, the error appears.
  6. Hi all, I have been building a store in a test directory and now we have it ready to go live, we moved it to the root directory. The migration worked really well with no real issues. We can view and customise products as well as add to cart, checkout and view other areas of the site. However, when we add a new product, it appears in the front office but when we want to view it, we get the following error: Found 1 Error This product is no longer available. It is in stock but no matter what we do, it won't load. I have just upgraded to the latest version of prestashop thinking this may be the issue but this problem is still there. It worked ok before we moved the site. Is there something I am missing and what checks do I need to do to have this issue fixed? Many thanks
  7. Hi all, Everything has been working fine on my install of Prestashop but this afternoon, I started getting a problem uploading images to my products. After looking on the error_log on the server, I'm gettig this error everytime I try to upload an image: [24-Mar-2016 17:31:54 GMT] PHP Fatal error: Class 'Imagick' not found in /home/xxxx/public_html/giftprezzy.com/store/override/classes/ImageManager.php on line 81 This is the code snippet in the file. //Set Imagick Object values $src_image = new Imagick(); $src_image->readImage($src_file); $src_image->setImageCompression(Imagick::COMPRESSION_JPEG); $src_image->setInterlaceScheme(Imagick::INTERLACE_PLANE); $src_image->setImageCompressionQuality(82); $src_image->gaussianBlurImage(0.05,0.05); $src_image->stripImage(); $src_image->thumbnailImage($dst_width, $dst_height, Imagick::FILTER_TRIANGLE, 1); I recently installed the Attribute Pro Module and I needed to turn off the disable all overrides so the attributes appeared in the checkout and back office. Since then I can't upload images. If I turn the setting on, then I can upload images but the attribute options don't appear in the cart. Is there a way to fix this issue if I have the override set to yes?
  8. Hi all, I am building a Personalised Gift Store and each product requires some personalisation text. When you use quick view, the customise button is present but when you click it, the page re-directs to an Error page in the popup window. The message reads: There is 1 error Please fill in all of the required fields, and then save your customizations.But there are no options to enter the text in Quick View. Is it possible when someone clicks this button it directs them to the product page so they can customise the product they require?
  9. I have tried several things to try and get the 3x2 layout but nothing works. Which tpl file should I edit to add in a seperate class to create a new row which I can add into the stylesheet?
  10. Hi all, On the Prestashop demo, you have the featured products then 5 images for category links. I've been trying to re-configure these to form a 3x2 layout but the last block rolls onto a 3rd row as shown below. How can I fix this? The width in the col-xs-4 class in the style sheet is set to 33.33333% but I can't understand why the last block won't fit into the 2nd row. Can someone help point me in the right direction? Many thanks
  11. You can log in to the Back Office -> Catalog -> Products Then open a product and go to Customization. to to have 1 field then label it to "Add a note". This will allow the customer to add a note before they add it to the cart. Note sure if this can be edited in the checkout. It won't have the same effect you are looking for but it will allow customers to add notes whilst viewing the item.
  12. Hi all, I am building a personalised products store but want to know if the max character length can be set for each individual product (some products need a limit of 14 characters and some have a limit of 25). Also if this can be done, can 1) character countdown be added (14 characters remaining) 2) when you leave this blank and click Add to Cart, a pop up appears saying "Please fill in all the required fields before saving your customization.". Is it possible the fields be highlighted so customers know what they have to edit?
  13. Hi all, I've been trying to customise the standard Prestashop Bootstrap theme to suit our needs but I'm struggling with the block images on the homepage (the section under the popular/featured products). I want a 3x3 image layout which will link to specific categories, however the issue I am having is the first row is fine, but then the 2nd and 3rd row only show 2 images inline not 3. See pic below. The style is: .col-xs-4 { width: 33.33333%; } Is there something I am missing or does a unique piece of style code need to be added to create the 3x3 layout?
  14. Hi all, I have 2 things I need help with. 1. PRODUCT PERSONALISATION My website has products which require text for personalisation. However, I want these to be mandatory (the item can't be added to the cart until the user has entered their text) and limited to a certain number of characters. How can I achieve this? 2. OVER 18 CHECKBOX I have several gifts that have alcohol and need a checkbox to confirm the user is over 18. The product is not available unless the user ticks the box. Have these been done before and is there a guide/tutorial in doing this?
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