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  1. Hello patermich, I have the same problem.Did you solved it?if yes,Can you please share your solution here it would be helpful to me and other guys of forum. Thanks!!!
  2. Hey Guys, I have a same problem. In my case the cross sell module is not installed. Please refer attached screenshot. http://my.jetscreenshot.com/demo/20150217-ufxl-107kb.jpg Please help me.
  3. Hey Guys, Same requirement for me. It would be very helpful if you guys share you solution here. Thanks!!!!
  4. We can achieve this by overriding AdminImportController class and make copyImage() method as public. Now you can access copyImage() method from anywhere. Hope it will help.
  5. Hey guys, We can achieve this by overriding AdminImportController class and make copyImage() method as public. Now you can access copyImage() method from anywhere. Hope it will help. Thanks!!!!
  6. I found solution for this.If shell_exec() unable to run php script you can run that script using curl like. shell_exec("curl -sS site_url/test/file.php | php5.5"); It worked in my case.
  7. Hi Guys, I have similar kind of problem.and also my host is 1and1.My problem with shell_execution.It gives the following error. I am trying to execute php script through shell_execution but there is no success. Please help me!!!! Thanks!!!!!!
  8. yes.Its okay with image.But what about products import.I also have a new module which import products from csv and it also gives internal server error.Module works on local machine perfectly.
  9. Hey Guys, I also have this problem.I have a shared account with 1and1 and they prevent to increase max_execution_time. After one minute during image regeneration it gives 'Internal server error 500'. I also tried to upload php.ini file with require setting on root but its not working. Please help me out. Thanks!!!
  10. Hello everybody, I am trying to create new custom admin controller.But It gives error 'Controller not found'. I just add one link and create a new controller in my module(MyModule/controllers/admin) folder Link code is: <a href='{$link->getAdminLink('AdminRecommendations')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}&id_order={$id_order}' > <input type='button' class='btn btn-primary' name='recommendation' value='Recommendations'/> </a> and I created controller as: <?php class AdminRecommendationsController extends ModuleAdminController { public function __construct() { parent::__construct(); $this->postProcess(); die; } public function postProcess() { echo "Hello..."; exit(); parent::postProcess(); } } But I am getting error 'Controller not found'. Please help me. Thanks!!!
  11. same problem with me. hey Casper_O,how did you sort out. Please help me Thanks!!!
  12. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/329373-solved-abc1234jpg-an-error-occurred-while-copying-image-check-your-memory-limit/
  13. The issue is with the return parent::renderForm(); at the end of your override. What's happening is that you're assigning variables in the AdminCustomerThreadsController::renderForm() and then calling the parent which re-assigns those same variables back to the 'un-overridden' values when you call parent::renderForm(). What you'll need to do is call the parent's (AdminCustomerThreadsControllerCore) parent (AdminController) directly: return AdminController::renderForm(); and that should work. It worked for me Thanks Terragg !!!!!
  14. I have the similar problem I am using prestashop 1.6 default-bootstrap theme When I tried to update products description it shows message update successfully but it is not updating. Similar issue with home page image slider module. Please help Thanks.
  15. I had the same problem. In my case there is no "Root" category in database(in ps_category table).I just added a "Root" category and set its parent category id as 0 and set "Root" category as parent category to "Home" category and my problem was solved.
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