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  1. If anybody will have same issue later: I resolved it by changing server to FastCGI Mode and increasing MaxRequestLen on php settings at the /etc/httpd/conf/
  2. PS VPS hosting. I am trying to import russian file that was created in excel, saved as CSV and changed in NotePad++ to UTF-8 During the import on the place of russian words I see just empty space. In PS settings: Language of the file Russian In case If I check ISO-8859-1 encoded file? - I see text, but unrecognizable. How I can resolve this issue? Thanks. PS: On php settings: MBString is installed, default_charset utf-8
  3. Thank you guys very much for help, but still confused. Server was installed long time ago before me, probably the users is messed up. It is plesk. Just spoke with godaddy support: "Okay. Most of the time this happens because you have PHP support running in Apache mode instead of FastCGI. If you're in Apache mode, any changes take root ownership. Unfortunately this is just how Plesk is built. If you want to be able to access within Plesk you need to have it as FastCGI mode. You'd need to ask the developers of Plesk that question, I don't know why it acts this way, I just know that's what happens. If you want to be able to have access to all files in Plesk without permission issues, you're going to need to run in FastCGI mode. I don't know of any work around for that." So he is telling me that I MUST to use FastCGI instead of Apache. But I do not understand how so many people using Prestashop on Apache without any problems at all. So I have 2 questions: 1) How I can fix 500 internal server error in PrestaShop in FastCGI mode OR 2) How can I fix user permission issue under Apache mode? Looking right now about SuPHP, is it any different way to fix it? Found one more way to fix it: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/226561-solution-for-recursive-write-permissions-on-files-and-folders-error/ Is it safe and correct way to fix that problem? Thanks.
  4. I thought about it. But I think it will change permission only on existing files, but all new files will be created by PHP under Apache user again. And with time it will became same problem. It is not correct?
  5. I have a problem with installing PS on GoDaddy dedicated server. First I moved all files through FTP. All files was under user @[email protected] Installed, on step 3 got error about "need recursive write permission on directory: config, img, download, cache, modules, etc" I changed all files and directories to 777 (just to install) (before it was 755), installation was successful. Changed all directories back to default 755 and started getting error: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'SmartyException' with message 'unable to write file /var/www/vhosts/mysite.com/smarty/ ... Checked files under FTP - many of them was under @[email protected] user. Somehow I got access to back office, but next movement lead back to same fatal error. After that I was not able to delete or modify any files under Apache user. I changed all files through SSH to my @[email protected], deleted, changed PHP support run as FastCGI application. Installed prestashop again - everything went sucesfully. But now then I am trying to upload theme - 500 internal server error. Changed FastCgiRequestLen to biggest size - no results at all. I am confused :\ Is it anybody know how to do it correctly on GoDaddy dedicated server? The GoDaddy technical support is useless :| Thanks.
  6. I have 2 languages: english and spanish. Default language on the Localization - Configuration Tab - Espanol (Spanish) Default country - United States. Friendly URL - YES Automatically redirect to the canonical URL - YES Language block is disabled in modules. The problem is if I go www.domainname.com it will automatically redirect to www.domainname.com/en instead of Default Language - Espanol (theoretically it should go to www.domainname.com/es ) Tried different computers, cleared cache and cookies, cleared Smarty Cache - nothing help. Thanks
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