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  1. Yea I thought that was a solution but was wondering if there was any other way. Could you please assist me in changing font. I tried some solutions you requested on other users but wasn't successful. Regards Kagan
  2. hi, how can i fit the categories in the horizontal menu bar? http://www.interactivedigipro.com.au/en/content/7-bonbonniere.html regards Kagan
  3. I am also after how I could get the product to show the percentage discounted. regards Kagan
  4. Thank you for your response Vekia, I have solved the issue. The mail in preferences > store contacts didn't match the mail in Advanced parameters > E-mail. Making them same solved the problem. Regards Kagan
  5. Hi I am new to prestashop and I am struggling to configure my mail I am getting the below error. Error: Please check your configuration Expected response code(s) [250] but got response [553 sorry, the sender name and auth login doesn't coincide (#5.7.1)] what does this mean and what is the solution? Regards Kagan
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