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  1. Warning: require_once(...tools/swift/Swift/ClassLoader.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in .../tools/swift/Swift.php on line 13 Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '...tools/swift/Swift/ClassLoader.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in .../tools/swift/Swift.php on line 13
  2. Now, I will get. Anyway I noted that it should be a problem with the sending of the email of confirmation. Because if I disable this function from BO, it gives no blank page. Now I search the error, as you told me. Stefano
  3. Hi, I have a problem with the creation of an account. After I click on "Register" buttom, just a blank page appears. The user is registered (I checked on BO), but it doesn't appear the page confirming that. What can be happened? Thank you so much Stefano
  4. Ah. Nothing, I solved, in the sense that actually it is compiling. I noted seeing at the other template and found a solution on why it didn't change things. Sorry. Now, I try to solve the account form thing. Thank you and sorry for bothering you Stefano
  5. Yes, sorry I'm working with two templates The first one is themes/default/authentication.tpl I was trying to comment the part with the "date of birth" which I want not to appear. The second one I have to find again, that I don't remember (sorry). I'll do in one second, but it is a part regarding the footer. Thanks Stefano
  6. I erase the folder, but nothing still has changed. Is there something I can add (as a text in a .tpl) just to understand if it is a problem with compilation or something else?
  7. Dear doekia, should i have to remove the entire folder cache/smarty or just the content of this folder? Thanks Stefano ps to Bill. No, with <!-- Your code --> it's not working as well
  8. Hi all!It was just a problem with some images. Putting them in .png, BO has loaded them. Sorry for the inconvenience. Stefano
  9. In realtà evidentemente era un problema con alcune immagini. Mettendole in .png, il BO le ha caricate. Stefano
  10. Dear all, my prestashop version is I am doing some change in the .tpl files (e.g. I commented with {*....*} some lines to disappear), but nothing change. Is it possible that cache is still active if I put - Cache template on force compilation - Cache on No - I clear history in my browser Thank you so much! Stefano
  11. Dear vekia, maybe I still have problems with the compilation (also in another modification of a .tpl file). Is it possible that cache is still active if I put - Cache template on force compilation - Cache on No my prestashop version is thanks Stefano
  12. I forced comply. but when you say "there is no "grid" code", should I do something to the template?
  13. Hi, thanks for the reply. I don't understand. The system you provided works just in the grid modality? If yes, I'll try to put in that modality. Yes, I also changed the ajax-cart.js. Stefano
  14. Aggiungo che ho notato che la cosa avviene solo per alcuni prodotti. Qualcuno ha avuto problemi simili? Grazie!
  15. Hi! I noted that the problem happen just on some products and not on others.. Someone may solve this mistery?
  16. Hi to all, I have a problem in BO - product pages. When I upload images, I have no problem with the first (cover) image, but I'm not able to upload any others. The BO say that an error occured during the copy of the image. I had set permission of img folder and sub-folder to 777, but nothing change. What can I do? Where am I wrong? Thank you very much Stefano
  17. Dear all, i applied the tutorial explained on this page: http://mypresta.eu/en/art/developer/prestashop-quantity-field-on-product-list.html However, I have problem with Product-list.tpl After applying changes, the quantity field does not appear and the add to cart button doesn't work any more. Where was I wrong? Thank you Stefano
  18. Ciao a tutti! Ho poi trovato un hosting ottimo e a un prezzo inferiore ai 30 euro all'anno. Per chi avesse la mia stessa esigenza, può contattarmi. Stefano
  19. Ciao a tutti, ho l'ultima versione di prestashop ( e ho notato che mi dà sempre questo errore "Si è verificato un errore durante la copia dell'immagine" quando carico la seconda immagine di un prodotto. La cartella img è settata a 777. Dove sbaglio? Grazie! Stefano
  20. Ciao a tutti, so che l'argomento hosting è stato affrontato già in altri post, ma mi chiedevo chi poteva consigliarmi un hosting sui 30-40 euro all'anno che fosse abbastanza rapido con prestashop, considerando che ho un catalogo di soli 50 articoli, e quindi non mi serve una cosa dedicata esageratamente veloce (e giustamente in questo caso più costosa). Grazie mille, Stefano
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