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  1. the 1.6 and defoult theme you can see what happen here: http://10camisetas.com/es/home/196-superheroes-hulk.html
  2. And i create a new product the little image that are under the big picture did´t appear too
  3. I try but: Ha ocurrido un error mientras actualizaba esta meta War a error whe the meta was updating. or some like that I try but: Ha ocurrido un error mientras actualizaba esta meta War a error whe the meta was updating. or some like that
  4. Hi i want a create a new cms but i want that the stucture of the web don`t change if I create a new cms the left and right colums dissapear http://10camisetas.com/es/ when i create a new cms: http://10camisetas.com/es/content/10-quienes-somos Thanks
  5. Hi I cant see any minipicture in my products I try to reload all the products pictures and regenerate my mini pictures but nothing works. yuo can see at: http://10camisetas.com/es/tus-creaciones/11-tu-diseno.html Any idea?
  6. Yes is in the correct place but all tree things aer like a waterfall. the logo the search and the cart. And i want they in line. I think that i can change the logo size but i don`t know who change the others. Thanks
  7. I solve the first problem with the Live edit. I think that it wasent the way but it works. The second part, i try thighs but don`t know how i can put the right pictures there. And what are the size of the slider? Thanks Alexander
  8. Hi I actualice a P 1.6. I have the defoult theme. my web is: www.10camisetas.com The cart is in a rare place, i want in top right place Any idea Thanks Alexander
  9. Hi I have a slider problem. www.10camisetas.com The pictures of the sliders apears in the top of the wes but it apear in the midle of the web side and the popular products apear twice. I want some like this http://libmetropolitantirana.altervista.org/prestashop/index.php but i don`t know if that is the defoult mode or i must touch the code Thanks Alexander
  10. but my ip address was the same for pc and the tablet and was working in one and not in the other
  11. It happend again If apply a cupon code and then i push the eliminate cupon button then i can never see in that place. now i can`t see in my tablet when you said my host caching software do you mean in my computer?
  12. another thing i try in other computer and IT WORKS THERE Why? i cant undertand
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