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  1. Interesting, but is it possible have mixed, "letting the buyer choose "Printed", "PDF" och "Both" from a dropdown?"
  2. Thanks, I will try to get the buttons aligned. Been looking in the css-file but can not get it right...
  3. Thanks for response, but I am not sure I understand all. Buttons; What buttons are not shown full? "Forum Handbok Butik"? Footer; Do you mean Alternativ.nu | Om butiken | Ditt konto is too close to the main frame? Cart; Do you mean making the cart block sticky?
  4. Thanks for your response! I will try bigger font size in the menu, to see if it fits. About the hamburger button showing on desktop: since the add to cart animation is dropped in 1.6, I made the button show all the time, blinking at add to cart. Clicking it goes to top, showing the cart.
  5. In the Orders-view its possible to filter from the different fields, but not date. For me nothing happens, am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? See pic.
  6. Did not make it. But everytime i clear cache in BO it is OK for a while. Now I have the Falkor fix in these 3 files /themes/theme_name/modules/blockbestsellers/tab.tpl /themes/theme_name/modules/homefeatured/tab.tpl /themes/theme_name/modules/blocknewproducts/tab.tpl Should I revert them to original?
  7. When I get a mail from Mailalerts that an order has been placed, I would like the from-(or Answer to...-) adress of the mail to be the customer email adress, instead of the shop-email. That way I can quickly respond to the customer via mail, without copying and pasting their emailadress. Is it possible to do ?
  8. I would very much appreciate some feedback on my store where I sell books and older issues of a magazine I am working with. Some features that might interest other shop owners and theme builders: - Collapsable sidebar (responsive) - Fixed breadcrumbs The site is in swedish. I have been a bit worried that people 1. don´t see the categories block in upper left 2. don´t know how to handle the collapsable sidebar on mobiles Thankful for all response Url: www.alternativ.nu/butik
  9. Thanks for the good and informative answers, now when I know the possibilities, I just have to figure out how I would want it to work.
  10. Is the only way to add a customer to a group to do it manually, one customer at the time? For example, I would like to restrict new customers to a certain payment method. Can a customer add them self to a group by filling in a field, or buying a product or something?
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