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  1. I'm a user of this script and it works fine. But it takes about 4 minutes to run. As the number of products is still growing, I'd like to know how I should change the script as you suggested. Where should I move the prepare statements? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Check the module 'contact form' . There was ' Receive customers' messages by email' unselected.
  3. Thanks for your tip, almoustris a few messages back concerning the 'contact form' module. It worked. You saved me from slowly going insane. I've been searching for a sollution for my contact form problem for close to half a year. I can't understand why the option is turned off by default. thanks again for the tip!
  4. I'm also very curious for a fix in PS 1.7. All email traffic works, except the contact form.
  5. I'm having the same problem as well with PS 1.7.4. Does the same sollution apply?
  6. I know this thread seems a bit old, but to me it’s hot item. First off, best wishes to you and the ones you love. I’ve been working on this problem last year and now I’ve made a fresh start make it work. I have the following code, which works fine for the combination quantities. UPDATE `databasename`.`psh_product_attribute` , `databasename`.`StockJunck` SET `quantity` = `STOCK AMOUNT` WHERE `psh_product_attribute`.`reference` = `StockJunck`.`ARTICLE NR`; UPDATE `databasename`.`psh_stock_available` , `databasename`.`psh_product_attribute` SET `psh_stock_available`.`quantity` = `psh_product_attribute`.`quantity` WHERE `psh_stock_available`.`id_product_attribute` = `psh_product_attribute`.`id_product_attribute` (‘ StockJunck’ is a table I update with a downloadable csv-file) However, as you stated, the total amount doesn’t seem to add up and PS isn’t repairing itself. How can I integrate your solution into this code? I would appreciate it very much.
  7. Thanks Shokinro. My coding skills are limited, but this puts me on the right track.
  8. I need to display different prices calculated from the final price on the product page. Is it possible to do this on the product.tpl? I want to add some information on the product detail page like this: package a: 10% discount - your price ...€ package b: 15% discount - your price ...€ These prices that are shown should be calculated so the customer sees the correct price immediately.
  9. dear Ovidiu H, could you send me that script (stock_available_fix.php) that you mentioned? It seems I have the same problem.
  10. Very nice of you to share your files. Please, don't feel rushed. I'm shure there are much more urgent matters for you to attend to.
  11. First,a big thank you for your code, Thijsvk. It helps me a lot. Maybe I'm asking too much, but would you like to share your Excel macro's too? I'm not that well trained in Excel. Whatever your answer, I wish you a merry Christmas and all the best for 2016!
  12. Is there any progress made on this subject? I want to have tackled this issue before the next season with new product collection being shipped.
  13. No, not really. I've made some progress, but up until now i'm managing stock by hand.
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