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  1. Hi, I solved my problem, my mistake was in the class I was overriding; here I found the right way to create the override. http://nemops.com/extending-prestashop-objects/#.X7uP52hKhhG
  2. Hi, this is my code for uninstall method: public function uninstall() { Configuration::deleteByName('PECSDIFIELDS_SHOW_REDLABEL'); include(dirname(__FILE__).'/sql/install.php'); return parent::uninstall(); }
  3. Hi, I'm having the same problem, did you find a solution? Let me know. Regards.
  4. If you want you can use this module, it shows the products images directly in the orders list page, so you don't need to access in the order detail page: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/combinaisons-customization/39933-products-image-in-orders-list.html
  5. Avete trovato un modulo per esportare i prodotti da PrestaShop a cercavino? Grazie.
  6. sfweb


    ok, grazie mille.
  7. sfweb


    Ma da dove l'hai presa, sul sito addons.prestashop.com c'è la 4.4.2. Grazie.
  8. sfweb


    Con quale versione di PrestaShop e modulo PayPal? Io PS e modulo di PayPal 4.4.2 Grazie.
  9. sfweb


    A me succede con sandbox disattivata, quindi a te funziona senza sandbox? riesci a portare a termine un acquisto?
  10. sfweb


    Ciao, hai trovato una soluzione? Grazie.
  11. Ciao, hai trovato una soluzione a questo tuo problema?
  12. After I wrote the post I've just found a solution, here is my code: This the renderForm inside my controller: public function renderForm() { $fields_list = array( 'id_test' => array( 'title' => $this->l('Col1'), 'width' => 25 ), 'field1' => array( 'title' => $this->l('Col2'), 'width' => 25 ), 'field2' => array( 'title' => $this->l('Col3'), 'width' => 25 ), ); $helper = new HelperList(); $helper->shopLinkType = ''; $helper->simple_header = true; $helper->identifier = 'id_test'; $helper->show_toolbar = true; $helper->title = 'Boomprice Used'; $helper->table = 'boomprice_used_cod'; $database_data=''; $sql = 'SELECT * FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'table_name'; $results = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS($sql); if (empty($results)) { $database_data= 'Nothing'; } else { $database_data = $results; } return $helper->generateList($database_data, $fields_list); } I hope this code will help someone.
  13. Hi ChewieTheWookie, I have the same problem, could you tell me please how did you make it work? I'm trying to do with HelperList inside the renderForm function in the controller, but it seems something is wrong with my code. What I want is open a detail page clicking on view or edit in the module list (see image attached).
  14. Il plugin su readypro esporta dei file xml con i dati dei prodotti, delle categorie etc.. in una cartella dello spazio ftp di prestashop. Quindi poi è necessario un modulo o uno script che salvi sul database (di PrestaShop) le informazioni sui prodotti. Il video non mi pare che dia questa informazione. Tu hai trovato una soluzione?
  15. simply .... remove override function 'isCached' from apppagebuilder.php
  16. the problem is located in the apppagebuilder.php of module in this file is present the override of function isCached of class module. This override cause the problem.
  17. We did that, but at the same time we ask for other help!
  18. Hi, we used leo_xalem theme for our ecommerce, but we have a problem. When the prestashop cache is enabled we noticed that every 60 seconds the cached files are created again (in the path /cache/smarty/). The same does not happen with the default prestashop template. For instance: the file in the path /cache/smarty/cache/socialsharing/1488/1/3/3/10/86/fb/3a/86fb3aaf697b1d3a8c25d8285b85f4b22972068b.socialsharing.tpl.php With leo_xalem the file is recreated every 60 seconds, with default prestashop theme does not happen. To say this we see the "last modification time" of the file. The same happens for the other modules and files in the cache directory (/cache/smarty/). Where is the problem? It seems that the cache time in only 60 seconds when a leotheme is used.
  19. i have the same problem in but the code is in the row 317 now works
  20. hi vekia, in preference > theme are present more page layout (category, cms, product, ....) but but it is not present in the entry relative to products-comparison
  21. Hi D3S1GN, Did you solve your problem? We have a similar problem, do you know if it is possible to create more then 1 controller inside /modules/mymodulename/controllers/ dir?
  22. Hi, I would like to know how to implement a filter form for the products list of a supplier (as showed in the image attached). For example the same filter present in the Supplier main page. Best regards.
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