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  1. Hi, I have also created a payment module for prestashop. It follows the paypal module design. In prestashop generally the default place for the customer to return after external payment processing is order-confirmation.php file. It is not intended to payment confirmation that would be recorded in the prestashop database. It is merely there to display some confirmation for the customer that the order has been processed. Actual payment validation takes place in modules/paypal/validation.php. This is the address called by the payment processor aside from the customer actions flow. Take a look at this file, you shouldn't have many problems adopting it to work with your payment service. The actual method that you were looking for is $Paypal->validateOrder(...) inherired from PaymentModule class. Hope this was helpful. Regards, Jacek
  2. Hi, this is a great news. As I already said: you guys rock! Regards, Jacek
  3. Hi! I like the design of the new Prestashop's webpage. Forum also looks much nicer. Unfortunately it misses some of the functionality. And the biggest problem for me is that the attachments are missing, at least in the old forum messages. I think that this problem is very serious. There were many useful files there, like custom modules, numerous bug fixes and themes. I believe that major strength of open source solutions is the acceleration of development through community contributions. And you have just accidentally removed hours of your faithful users' work from the public access. Some of them will remain scattered through the web. Some might never reappear. According to google's translator this thread concerns the problem. Philippe promised to look into it. But since forums engines can differ significantly, the task might not be trivial. And I realize that you have plenty of more important work. But I would strongly suggest at least to give access to the old forum. Can be read-only. Regards, Jacek
  4. Hi All! First of all, many thanks to the developers for Prestashop. You guys rock! I've just created a payment module for the platnosci.pl service used in Poland. Module is based on Prestashop 1RC3. It follows the concept of Paypal module to some extent. It should install as most modules (copy directory to /modules, install, configure). Platnosci.pl is a Polish service, so I did not bother to translate it to any other language, except for some error messages. If you have any questions just ask. Regards, Jacek platnoscipl_0_1.zip
  5. Hi all! First of all, thanks for developing and sharing Prestashop! It is great to see the project alive especially during last days and the community growing stronger. While developing a new payment module I have noticed that the latest versions introduced errors in modules/paypal/validation.php file. You are referring to $this->l() method while not being in any object context (outside the class). In 0.9.7 error messages were assigned in english literals without translation functions. I think it should stay this way, or the paypal validation routine should be moved to a paypal class method. Keep up the great work! Regards, Jacek
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