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  1. Hello, I manage an UK-based prestashop website ( that runs with PayPal v3.8. It seems that I have an issue with some of the Canadian clients. If someone tries to pay using a Canada address (sometimes it works OK) but sometimes they get a paypal error saying that the zipcode is not correct. A client told me that it might be something about the ZIP code being send above the City and the state? Anyone had a similar issue ? It works OK for any other countries, and even for some canadian guys, but with 2-3 I keep having this issue. They said that paypal returns an error saying "Return to merchant, wrong address"
  2. Hello, Yes, I have noticed that. It's good enough, as a last resort, but I was more like 2 radio buttons for users to choose from: Company / Individuals. Also, the VAT number showing up when you enter the company name is OK, but I was wondering if it would be possible to add 2 more fields that would show up. (In Romania there are 2 more details that are needed). Thank you.
  3. Hello, I've seen this on several websites, so I wonder if it's possible to do it on prestashop. When someone creates an account to check out, is it possible to have 2 options: Create an account as company or as an individual ? So if he chooses "register as company", a few extra fields show up (vat number, company name, etc). As if he chooses "register as an individual", there will be no company-related fields. Is this possible to achieve? I didn't found any module that does that. Thank you
  4. Hello, One of my clients has a prestashop 1.5.6 store, which has been working fine for quite some time. For about 1 week or so, an issue has arisen: Sometimes, when someone orders some products and pays by paypal, no order is visible in the backend, though the money is delivered via paypal. I've made a few test purchases, and after the paypal redirects me back to the website, I don't see any text on the order confirmationpage (it's not a blank page, I see the title, the menus, etc.. but no text to confirm the order). This issue seems to happen more often for the new customers, but every now and then existing customers have the same issue. I'm using PrestaShop 1.5.6, Paypal 3.6.1 and a Paypal Business (PRO) account. The issue only appears if I choose "Paypal Payments PRO Hosted" If I go with paypal payments standard, it works ok. Any help is highly appreciated.
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