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  1. Hello I am using Prestashop Thank you for coding, as per instruction $message = new Swift_Message(Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_NAME'). $subject); i done already, now my brackets [shopname] before website name is removed. But i get another problem please help me to fix that. thanks in advance. The problem is Shopname and subjects shows without space In mail Subject: Websitename.com Online ShoppeShipped What i want is : Websitename.com Online Shoppe - Shipped
  2. so Mr,Vekia, You just came here to know what version of Pscleaner i am using, not to fix or help the problem.
  3. Version : No Tick found on the PSCleaner module, not working anymore
  4. no body will help us, because prestashop is like that
  5. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If "Friendly URL's" option is activated, your modification is ok, but if that option is not active, you must use '&link='. So, I modified the file 'activationbymail.php' like this: in file "activationbymail.php" Replace line 73 with below given code. "$read = "SELECT value FROM ps_configuration WHERE name = 'PS_REWRITING_SETTINGS'"; $connect = @mysqli_connect(_DB_SERVER_, _DB_USER_, _DB_PASSWD_, _DB_NAME_); if ($connect) { $res1 = mysqli_query($connect, $read); while ($row1 = mysqli_fetch_assoc($res1)){ $config = $row1; } } else { echo('Cannot connect to database...'); exit; } mysqli_close($connect); if ($config['value'] == '0'){ $link = $this->context->link->getModuleLink($this->name, 'activation') . '&link=' . $activation_link; } else { $link = $this->context->link->getModuleLink($this->name, 'activation') . '?link=' . $activation_link; } " I check if "Friendly URL's" option is activated or not to compose the activation link. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I found this code in a website, did the above said replacements, The code works good, thanks a lot, but another problem i am getting is: I tested as a unregistered customer, added few items in cart, and then in check out, i registered as a new customer then got verification mail, Backend Customer status is also Enabled, after clicking verification mail. Everything is perfect until this. Problem: Following email verification URL the landing page is: "Your Account is Activated". Not the (step 2, customer address). So here what i am coming to tell is the purchase continuity is missing, ordered items in cart is missing as well as not logged in. How to fix this please help. My Prestashop Version is Thank you
  6. I fixed it After changes we have to manually clear the smarty cache, then only it will work. http://info.template...tml#prettyPhoto Thank you
  7. I fixed it After changes we have to manually clear the smarty cache, then only it will work. http://info.template-help.com/help/prestashop-how-to-clear-smarty-cache.html#prettyPhoto Thank you
  8. In this topic Superstar, Jamesbond007, Spiderman and so many hero's are there, but no solution found to fix. Also in another topic http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/285530-solved-adding-links-to-the-permalink/?hl=%2Bpermanent+%2Blinks+%2Bblock&do=findComment&comment=1440437 fix is not working, i don't know who's problem either Prestashop or Theme maker. Let me see which Hero is Helping to Solve this topic.
  9. Hello i followed the same instruction, new links are not displaying, i am using prestashop Smarty Cache is Off Force Completion is On Theme : not default theme Thank you
  10. Hello Mr.Vekia Your Coding works, thanks for that, let me know how to change the Header Logo Alt (Theme name). Thank you
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