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  1. Hi Vekia, I have downloaded the example and tried to modify it but without knowledge of how PrestaShop internals work, I'm at a loss. I can include my code in a zip file but I think it may be better to see a "Hello world" type of example. Thanks for all your help. Best regards, John
  2. Hi Vekia, I'm having some trouble separating the wheat from the chaff in the example. Can you post an empty example? Thanks! John
  3. Thank you for your guidance Vekia. I'll post a link for your critique once I've learned how to do this. All my best, John
  4. Any guides for the new version? Some similar process?
  5. Any thoughts on creating a new page / set of pages this way? http://alvinjiang.blogspot.com/2011/01/prestashop-tips-how-to-create-complete.html It perhaps looks more like what I'm trying to accomplish... Thanks! John
  6. Not sure I understand your question... Please be aware I am very new to PrestaShop so I'm not aware of all the intricacies.
  7. Alright.. I'm not getting this. Have a look at: http://9thchakra.com/content/10-consult-your-favorite-oracle and now look at http://9thchakra.com/oraclecards.php I want to embed the output of oraclecards.php into the http://9thchakra.com/content/10-consult-your-favorite-oracle and have it work the same way it does now. I believe you are telling me to insert my code into the CMSController.php file and then in the initContent() routine assign the output to a smarty variable like this: $this->context->smarty->assign('cardgrid', ????); but I'm not sure what I should have in place of the ????. Finally, I don't know how to distinguish (in the cms.tpl file) which CMS page I'm on... I'm beginning to think that this is the wrong way to go. Is there any other way to create custom pages within the context of the site that can run this kind of custom code? Thanks! John
  8. Hello Everyone, I'd like to dynamically generate some content for display in a CMS page. I will be generating the content in custom PHP code. Any suggestions or hints? Where would you recommend I look for a "How To"? I haven't really seen any information related to displaying dynamic content in a CMS page - just posting to PHP from CMS pages... Thanks for all your responses Best regards, John
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