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  1. No , I'm using default-bootstrap Theme, only some design changes, but no code.
  2. Thanks, but it's checked ...and it's OK, my migration was from Oscommerce to Prestashop 1.6 Anyway I have detected that this problem only happens with some customers, a 20 % more or less, and ONLY when they use CHROME or FIREFOX, if they surf with INTERNET EXPLORER it works OK, and if they use their phones with Chrome and Firefox android versions it's Ok as well ... this is extremely weird, any clue? I'm going crazy.. Kind regards.
  3. Hi I have done a migration to Prestashop and I'm having an strange issue with prices and VAT when some customers are not logged in. For some customers (randomly) prices are showed WITHOUT VAT when they are not logged in, it only happens to some customers, when they are logged VAT is included and everything is OK .. , but this is a terrible problem because I can not find a logical reason ... I have checked configuration and everything is OK, I'm not using geolocalization .. Any help will be welcome. thanks!
  4. Hello All, After getting a message from Prestashop about a security issue recommending to update to 1.6.1 we did it... and we find the same problem as you are commenting here. Special prizes for customer groups not applied anymore after Upgrade, this is a very big problem for us because all the price structure of my store is based in price discounts... I was going to go live next week, but I can't with this serious problem... any clue? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello , same problem ... any ideas? did you find the reason for this error? Kind regards.
  6. Hi , has anybody test this for the images that are already on the host? If I install this module and I Regenerate thumbnails from BO will all my images optimized? Thanks!
  7. Hello , I have the same problem too with v., it doesn't work .... Anybody there has this module working?
  8. Hello I have installed this module in my 1.6 , but after seeing that is not what I was looking for I have uninstalled it, but after deleting it from the server I noticed that the Pay Systems option is there yet, and It has not removed from modules menu. it's active and when I click on it a message appears telling an error message: Controler not found. I want to remove this module totally from my system please. Since I have deleted it from modules it's not there anymore, don't know whats happening. Despite this I have notice that my module of Check Payment has been affected and remains unactive, no way to put it working again. Any clue how to fix this? Thanks in advace.
  9. Hello, I have exactly the same problem, any clues?
  10. Buenos días compañeros. Llevo tiempo persiguiendo esto y no soy capaz de encontrarle una solución. Mi prestashop es un 1.6 que tengo en pruebas, quiero que en los apartados de la ficha de producto ACCESORIOS y en el MODULO: OTROS PRODUCTOS DE LA MISMA CATEGORIA me aparezcan los productos ordenados por nombre o por fecha de creación ( los mas nuevos primero), me valen ambas cosas, aunque accesorios me gustaria que se listasen por orden alfabético y en el slider "Otros productos misma categoria" apareciesen de mas nuevos a mas viejos.. ¿alguien me puede echar un cable? Gracias por anticipado.
  11. HI Mister Denial, I 'm looking for the same, did you have any luck with this? I also want to show first the new items..., but no idea about how to do it... Thanks!!
  12. Hello again, and sorry for the insistence, but I have been trying the proposed solution and it doesn't work, I always get a blank screen, I have tried ORDER BY pl.`name` in every position of this code without any success. Any help?
  13. Thanks Vekia, but I tried this before and I only get a blank screen. Where inside the function must I place the ORDER BY pl.`name` line of code? I have tried in several places always getting the blank screen. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello, I'm working in a store (prestashop version 1.6.06 ) with products that have a lot of accessories, I have noticed that prestashop 1.6 shows the accessories ordered by product id, and that would be very annoying for my customers.. I want to order accessories by product name, I have tried editing Products.php in classes, without success :-( , i'm very basic at php so any help will be welcome. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi Dioni, thank you very much ... it works!!