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  1. That sounds like a pretty good workaround, but unfortunately it does not make a difference to my shop. See attachment. (Cleared cache)
  2. Hello, I have been searching a lot on the internet and forums, but I can't find the solution. I use PS 1.7 and have products that have specific prices. Buy 5, get 10% off Buy 10, get 15% off Buy 25, get 25% off In the total price, the calculation is wrong. (please see attachment) Product price after 15% discount is € 4,68. Multiplied by 10 is € 46,80 and not € 46,75 I think what happens is: Discount is applied on base price ex. VAT - then gets multiplied with the order amount - then TAX is added. Due to rounding difference in the start, it ends in bigger difference in the end... What should happen is: Discount is applied to product incl. VAT, rounded to 2 decimals - then multiply by order amount Is there a solution in default settings? Is this a prestashop bug? Or what is recommded?
  3. I can't find this in my translations anywhere.. Is it in themes translation? Backoffice translation, other translations? Or installed modules translation?
  4. Thanks Crezzur, this seems to be the best workaround yet. But how/where to translate address2 ?
  5. Hello, I am using PS 1.7 and would like to a validator or check for the customer address. It happens that customers only fill in their streetname, without filling in the housenumber. Is there a way to build in a validation for the address, so it would be impossible to continue if no number is filled in? (i had it working in 1.6 with this solution; but does not seem to work in 1.7) Thanks in advance.
  6. dankje ecommece16. De vertalingen kan ik me nog wel meer redden, maar ik baal er een beetje van dat ik nergens informatie kan vinden hoe ik nu mijn reviews (gsnippetreviews) en loyalty points kan importeren in de 1.7 shop. Zou je hiervoor tabellen in phpmyadmin kunnen exporteren uit 1.6 en importeren in 1.7 ?
  7. Mooie instructie. Ik kan alleen nergens vinden hoe je het beste om moet gaan met de vertalingen van modules die op mijn 1.6 versie staan. Moet ik alle modules van 1.6 handmatig weer gaan vertalen in 1.7? En hoe zet ik spaarpunten en reviews over van 3rd part modules?
  8. Hi there! when I change my backoffice settings: settings > producs > productpage (section) > show availble quantaties on product page > TO YES (a) or > display the available stock when lower then > AND PUT A NUMBER IN THAT FIELD (b) the style of my shop is totally lost. No theme is loaded, webshop is displayed really bad. Is there anyone that is familiar with this problem? Or what could be a solution?
  9. oei wouw, bedankt voor je inzicht Het blijkt dat er een kortingsbon door een module is aangemaakt, maar die geen naam, beschrijving, korting, bedrag of iets gaf. Een helemaal lege winkelwagenregel dus, die voor soort conflict heeft gezorgd. Die heb ik nu aangepast, gedeactiveerd en zojuist een handmatige testbestelling met succes aangemaakt. Thanks!!
  10. Blij om te vernemen dat er hulp is heb de module order fees uiteschakeld, nieuwe handmatige bestelling aangemaakt, maar krijg toch weer een error. Ik zit er aan te denken om een update te doen van 1.6.15 naar 1.6.17 en hopen dat daarmee het probleem oplost. Is dat slim?
  11. Hi there! I want to do 1-click upgrade, but it gets stuck on backing-up tables. I cleared my ps_connections, but another table: "ps_cart_rule_combination" is over 50 mb in filesize. Can I safely empty this table? Or how can this be so big? Thanks for your help!
  12. Hallo Loetje88, heb je al een oplossing voor dit probleem? Bij mij gebeurt hetzelfde. Orderstatussen worden niet doorgegeven aan de BO vanuit een winkelwagen. Ook niet vanuit een handmatig aangemaakte bestelling. Dan krijg ik de error (zie screenshot) maar de order wordt wel aangemaakt als ik opnieuw inlog in BO. Volgens mij staat het los van betalingsmodules, want bij mij gebeurt het met PayPal, bankoverschrijving, alles. Ik kan de vinger er niet op leggen wat de oorzaak hier voor moet zijn. PS.
  13. Hi There, I am running into a kind of problem and I hope I am able to describe it, since I haven't find anything on the forums similar. I have the following products: 15 types of the same Lighting units with different lengths These units all have combinations for customers to combine the package with accessories they need: Lighting: (Choose Color 5, colors combinations) Power supply (Watt 2 combinations, but important: normal product, also possible to not include in the pack) Mounting: (sealing, brackets etc. 5 combinations to choose from, but all are also available as unique products) Cables accessory (2 types to choose from, but also available as unique product) Al these result in a lot of product combinations. The problem is I can't set the Stock for the combinations, like when I have 2 cables in stock, they can be used for 100+ combinations. (If I sell one, they are still available in the 100+ other combinations.) And these cables can also be used for the other 15 types of Lighting units. What would be the best solution? Should I be using a product pack? Which one? It needs to make combinations possible and select or deselect products from the pack? Or is there a way to set the general stock number for a combination product item? My guess would be to give the unique product a reference number and editable reference for use in combined products or something, to be used in combinations, so that when a combined product is sold, the stock of the unique item is to be changed. That way it is easier to manage stock levels. Problem is off course that the unique product can be combined product too. Anyone got a good idea or solution?
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