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  1. toggling cache did not work for me. my issue was similar but not exactly same. i disabled overrides and working now - very weird.
  2. #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near im pretty sure ive put in email, password and cookie correctly. just syntax is rejected. can you give an example of a new code including made up passrd, and cookie and emai? thank you
  3. Download link not working anymore, been removed. Is there perhaps another link please?
  4. I believe i have the filters setup correctly. however only one of my category filters is showing not only in its own category but also in all the others. have created different filters for each category, re indexed etc but still problem persists. have disabled faceted module however with the vast amount of products we have its essential to have a attribute filter in the column. any help appreciated.
  5. Updated PHP5.6 to PHP7.0 (using 1.7.4) PHP mail is setup correctly and test shows working however mails do not come through, neither does the contact form work anymore or any order confirmations sent to customers. changed back to php5.6 and mail now works. However now very buggy with loads of server errors and cannot add,remove alter products anymore. any ideas guys?, maybe updating to ps will help?. maybe need to add some apache handlers? please assist. thank you
  6. lol yes agreed, i tell customer this in nice way. i say please use chrome it will work. however what about the old schools who still use it and dont call me to ask why its not working, losing sales etc. must be a way.
  7. Been few months now and hadnt even noticed till recently clients complaining that their cart was empty. This issue only occurs in Explorer not in Chrome. Client clicks add to cart, looks like product is added and then takes them to the cart summary (skips ajax cart which is enabled) and in the cart there is nothing, no way one can add anything to the cart in Explorer. Anyone got a fix for this please?.
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