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  1. yeap, i did this, I edit categories, maybe I am not specific enough or I just can't see where the sub categories are...
  2. By default 1.6 template has one main category and subcategories " tops " and "dresses", tops has 2 more. So I want to change the name of each one and add my own fanctions
  3. How can I edit the sub categories?
  4. It seems ok now - only by using iexplorer. But it seems fine
  5. I hav clean it and choose no Recompile templates if the files have been updated, I also let by default no to use cache and still the same problem
  6. Hello everyone. I have installed the new prestashop version 1.6. I worked on it and i have made some changes. I rename the main category and change the photos which display in the slider. The problem is that in the back office everything looks ok but in the front office seems everything the same, no changes at all. The same category name and the same images Is something wrong with cache? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello everyone. I am trying to find an anvanced search module. Actually I want it to display on the index page, about parts. The problem is that the is a plethora of products so i need a module which can provide an array of choices. That is to say that the user would be able to search according to model, year, category etc.
  8. Hi! I have a problem with the width of a column as it presents in the table, during the procedure of bying a product. Has anyone an idea how can i fix that? thanks in advance.
  9. #featured-products_block_center li { margin-right:70px; ; padding:30px 0; width:222px; height:220px position:relative; } These are the fist lines of my .css document.
  10. http://www.pragalaki-clima.gr/ Here you can see my index. The productss under homeslider devide in to columns. But i want to enlarge the width, To be in the center, beause there is a cap at the left side. I aslo wanted to less than 8 products to desplay in index. I have a problem as yu can see with the button - προβολη - It is over the decription and the text of the buttom displays at the right side of it.
  11. Do you know a module such as Homefeautured for products for free or no. Or if anybody can help me to solve some issues about homefeautured.ccs
  12. kalispera. Douleuw to default template, sxetika me ta modules gia prosfores kai plhrofories enw ta exw energopoihsei den emfanizontai sthn index. Oson afora to blocktopmenu thelw na alaxw to Home se proionta, Exw dokimasei apo translations alla tpt.
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