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  1. Hi, Since I configurated my backoffice to get a multishops website, I have an http error 500 with the following message "Fatal error: Class 'Shop' not found in /home/remember/public_html/shop/config/config.inc.php on line 95" both on the front and back office. If somebody has an idea (I use prestashop 1.5.6) Thanks Emmanuel
  2. Hi, I have an eshop named remember-provence which included many crafted man products. I want to transform this single eshop to a multishop: I mean that each crafted man has his own eshop but on the same domain (remember-provence). I want that each craftmen has a access to the backoffice (limited access to catalog, orders, clients and sales). But I want in the same time that visitors visit remember-provence as a single eshop. I made many tests, I created different shops-groups, different shops, different profils and permissions. Everything works "correctly". I created different categories and products for each shop: everything works "correctly". I created different menus for each shop with no problem. I gave an specific URL to each eshop when I created them and I created an google sitemap to know the final url of each eshop. But when I write the different url, only the home url works and the other give me an 404 error. This is the first time that I am trying to create a multishop website so I don't know what is wrong. Could you help me ? Thanks by advance Emmanuel
  3. Hi, I am trying to build a multishop website with specific permissions. For example, I am the superAdministrator. I create the shops A,B and C and employees A, B and C. Now, I want that employee A has access to the backoffice to change/modify/delete categories and products of the shop A but only those of the shop A and the employee A cannot view, change, modify or delete any categories or products of the shop B and C. I found the way to do that for categories but not for products : When the employee A is connecting to the backoffice, he can see only the categories of the shop A, but he has access to all products of the different shops. Can you help me Thanks Emmanuel
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