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  1. I'm using the default PayPal Europe module for PrestaShop however it does not seem to be working correctly anymore. I did not make any changes etc. After completing the payment on PayPal I am being redirected back to the shop but the process is stuck on payment confirmation script [https://store_url/modules/paypal/express_checkout/payment.php?token=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&PayerID=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)] It just displays white screen and does not transfer payment confirmation or details to the store, so the order does not even show up in the back office. The payment itself on PayPal is going through, just the confirmation does not reach my store. For now I have disabled ordering on the store completely. How do I fix it?
  2. Alright, I will contact the hosting company and see what they can do If anyone has any suggestions on what else could I do on my side do let me know
  3. Alright, so the problem is on the webhost's side? My server is supposed to be a "premium" one so I'm suprised by those issues.
  4. Here are my current preferences settings: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxeZXxLLGSVyWklXejJpMy1DY28/edit?usp=drivesdk I have also moved javascript to the end but this didn't help much.
  5. Sure I will try that though I don't think that is the problem. The issues is the wait time (5-10 seconds) before the website starts to actually load anything. Is this a problem on the webhost side or with the website? Which hosting company do you recommend for prestashop?
  6. My store is loading extremaly slow for some reason. According to pingdom it takes 10 seconds for the initial load. I have most of the performance options enabled (Cache, CCC, APC caching), I even switched my hosting provider to A2 Hosting Turbo which was supposed to be blazing fast but in reality I didn't improve much. How do I fix it? Is it something on the website or maybe its related to the webhost? Which hosting would you recommend for PrestaShop?
  7. I have contacted the theme author and he gave me the solution, in case anyone else will be wondering how to change it I'm pasting it below. All changes need to be made in the product.tpl file. move this code: {if isset($features) && $features}<li><a href="#featuresTab" data-toggle="tab">{l s='Data sheet'}</a></li>{/if} {if isset($features) && $features} <!-- Data sheet --> <section class="page-product-box tab-pane fade" id="featuresTab"> <table class="table-data-sheet"> {foreach from=$features item=feature} <tr class="{cycle values="odd,even"}"> {if isset($feature.value)} <td>{$feature.name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}</td> <td>{$feature.value|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}</td> {/if} </tr> {/foreach} </table> </section> <!--end Data sheet --> {/if} and put it below {if isset($warehouse_vars.product_right_block) && $warehouse_vars.product_right_block} <!-- pb-right-column--> <div class="pb-right-column col-xs-12 col-md-3 col-lg-3"> <div class="pb-right-column-content"> change this <section class="page-product-box tab-pane fade" id="featuresTab"> to this <section class="page-product-box"> and then change {if isset($features) && $features}<li><a href="#featuresTab" data-toggle="tab">{l s='Data sheet'}</a></li>{/if} to {if isset($features) && $features}<h4>{l s='Data sheet'}</h4>{/if}
  8. The content of the column (text field and optional banner) are only visible on the product page, so I think that it's related to the product.tpl. I checked the header.tpl and footer.tpl and I wasn't able to find anything related to that content.
  9. I am using the Warehouse theme from ThemeForest (really cool theme btw.). In that theme however product features are hidden in a "Data sheet" tab (see screenshot attached) but in my store they contain really important information so I would like to move them to the top of the right column, so that they are more exposed. I saw some similiar threads and I learned that it can be done in the product.tpl file. I have located the code responsible for displaying features in the tab, but where should I move it to get them in the right column? I'm attaching the product.tpl code below. product.tpl code SCREENSHOT
  10. Each time when I add a new product the "Allow orders" field is automatically marked, even though the default behaviour is set to "Deny". It is extremally annoying cause I need to remember to uncheck it each time I add a new product and I still got like 1200 products to add. How to fix it?
  11. I have a similiar problem, as I'm selling digital goods I want to get rid of shipping things completely. I managed to remove it from most of the places but I have no idea how do I take it out of cart summary page (the one with payment selection). Does anyone know how to do it?
  12. Alright, so I have backed up and opened AuthController.php with Sublime Text which seems to be a decent OSX code editor with lots of colors and things I have briefly went through that file but I am not really sure what am I looking at - and more important - for I assume that I should probably delete the part of the code that is responsible for adding adress but I wasn't able to find it in the file you have mentioned.
  13. Of course I don't mind digging into the code to get it done, though I don't even know where to start as I am not a developer myself thus I would really appreciate any insight. Creating a test enviorment is not a problem, I just don't know where to start with the hacking
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