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  1. I had this problem for a long time. The best way I found to spell check in Prestashop is with a Firefox, Chrome or Safari plugin called 'Grammarly'. It's free to download and works! Hope this helps. https://app.grammarly.com/
  2. I'm not using the CSV to import features, only the product name, weight, category, tax rule, active and stock level. Graham.
  3. Hi all, I have a problem on my store. Every time I import products using the .CSV import feature it changes the order the features are displayed in the front and back shop. Has anyone encountered this problem? I'm using
  4. Hi All On my product page I have a slider near the bottom that shows products by the same Manufacturer. Is it possible to change this so that it only shows products by the same manufacturer AND the same category?
  5. Hi all, My webhost recommended we change from using MyISAM to InnoDB to prevent table locking and increase performance. I took their advice and they changed this last night. Now some of my colleagues are having performance issues when in the admin section of prestashop. Is there any other settings I need to configure within prestashop to make sure it will be fully compatible with the new database structure?
  6. Hi All, I'm desperately trying to get some sort of spellchecker functionality when creating products in Prestashop I've tried downloading the spellchecker TinyMCE plugin as described here but cannot get the spell check button to display. I thought the best option would be to use the browser spellcheck function, but it seems to be disabled in TinyMCE. I've tried googling that, and found plenty of results for configuring TinyMCE but I seem to missing all the files they're talking about editing. Maybe PS uses a cut down version? Anyway - has any successfully got a spellchecker working in PS 1.5?? And if so - how?
  7. Hi all, I'd like to display an additional column in the back office 'Product' page. Next to ID, I'd like to display the EAN13 code. The idea being that I can scan an items barcode when I'm in this column and search for it easily. Can someone tell me the necessary code to enter? I believe I need to edit 'Controllers/Admin/AdminProductsController.php' but I'm not sure on the exact code.
  8. Sorry to bring up and old topic, but this was the closest match to what I want to accomplish, but can't quite get it to work. I would like to add a column in the back office products section to search and filter by EAN13 code. I've successfully tried and added the Supplier column, but not sure what code I need to enter to show the EAN13 column. Can you help? Version
  9. Ignore this. The shop was showing products because I associated them with the home category, which wasn't disabled.
  10. Hi all, I edited a category and unchecked 'Displayed'. My problem is that when a user searches on the FO it shows results from this hidden category. How can I hide all products from a particular category in the search?
  11. I don't have the option to select "ALL" when editing a tax rule. I have the text field to change the name, two radio buttons to enable or disable the rule then a list of countries the rule applies to. There are 3 buttons at the bottom showing "delete / enable or disable selection"
  12. Hi, I want to apply a 10% tax to every item in my shop, and have it apply to all customers in every country. I created a tax and then created a tax rule. When editing the tax rule it only shows 27 countries but I have 56 countries enabled. How can I apply this tax to note than the 27 countries listed? I can't see a way to add the tax rule to more countries. I'm using
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