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  1. I tried to use the paypal-europe module for a site. While trying to configure it showed me this message - " Your country is not available for this module please go on Prestashop addons to see the different possibilities." I am trying it from Bangladesh (Using VPN). The website is for Nepal. What is the problem here?
  2. @Line 533 of OrderOpcController.php --- Try $minimal_purchase to $minimalPurchase . This worked for me. Prestashop version
  3. I am also having the same problem. Yes, in OrderOpcController.php I could do it manually but I didn't able to do it dynamically.
  4. I have set the Minimum purchase total required in order to validate the order $500. But for a specific product I need to set it 250. How can I achieve this. Is it possible? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, Yes now everything is working well. And My invoice is also on now. And everything is working fine. Thanks.
  6. I have asked them (hosting provider) to increase the limit. They said they have increased it to 128M. But if I want to make it 384M then I will need to buy vps hosting.
  7. Hi, I have got another solution. I changed jpg instead of png in logos. and turned off the invoice. then it started to work. I talked with my hosting provider they said that i will need vps hosting if i want to increase memory limit 384 and it would cost more. But now it is ok .
  8. Hi, I can't find edit option in the file in cpanel. Is it something to do with that file? Really sorry for my ignorance. Thanks.
  9. Hi, Yes bank wire and check payment is now ok. there was a problem with restrictions. But the "Cash On Delivery" Is still creating problem in placing order. How can i active debug mode? Thanks.
  10. Hi, I am new in using prestashop and webdevelopment. I have installed new prestashop 1.5.6. I am facing a problem with "placing order". When I click "Place Order" it takes me to a blank page and the URL I get is [http://etasheta.com/module/cashondelivery/validation] but in my local host it is ok. Another thing is that I am not getting the bank wire and check payment option in payment option's area. Though I have installed and enabled those. Thanks in advance
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